POV DRIVE in my BUGATTI CHIRON through Birmingham!

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Hey guys! Hope you are all well! Today I take my Bugatti Chiron for my first ever POV drive through my hometown of Birmingham. Driving through some of Birmingham’s renowned roads and showing you the best possible angles while driving my Bugatti, allowing all of you to get a feel of what a ride in the Bugatti is actually like.

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Steve Mack Productions says:

What disgusting place to live lol

Ahmet Sakin says:

Çok çenen var

TheWhiskeyMan 1234 says:

The reason you buy a Chiron in the UK is because everyone will let you out of junctions 🙂

TheRustedProp says:

Fun fact: Bugatti’s are designed by Volkswagen

generat Ś says:

Даже оренда чирона стоит дохуя

GAMING With IZZY says:

birmingham is just disgusting look at these roads and all this trash 🤢

JMRGaming says:

This is better than watching a POV porno! 🙌🏻


No music to listen in car

Alanna Lewis says:


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SafianAli1 says:

Turbo sounds are beyond amazing!

M.I.K.E says:

Ppl in the comment section crying abt roads in their country
Me driving in India- You guys have roads?

nickname says:

So many arabs on the street..

Ray 92 says:

Do some research his father was a drug dealer laundry of over 150 million pounds to dubai his father also served in prison in 2010 to keep Sarah shut he made her overdose it's very dark search up on YouTube you will find the answers Aleem also went to one of the drug dealers house and started ranting and saying the N word etc as the poor guy snitched

BU𐍂AGØ says:

Man a country like the UK isn't meant for anything that has over 50hp…even revving up a 50hp car would end up in a fast crash

Anis says:

Machallah bro 😍

Zod Chudders says:

You mean Birminghamistan.

Keshawa Udana says:

ngl, but roads here in Srilanka are much wider and smoother….cool video though

Escape Official says:

You just passed by a homeless guy… in a bugatti… man f*ck off

Lover of God says:

Been smoked by a P100D have we? 😃

T bealo says:

Take me for a drive please Aleem… that car is something else…

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