POV: Novitec Ferrari 812 GTS N-Largo, most brutal V12 sound (WARNING LOUD)

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POV: Novitec Ferrari 812 GTS N-Largo

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Justin Martin says:

I can’t stand the saying “living the dream,” but this weather and car together made me think of that saying instantly. What an experience.

Alen Ibričić says:


Sven Vos says:

Please let @autotopnl review this piece of art😍

FaceFTNorth says:

this video is fucking awesome🙏🔜

Alexi Browne says:

Damn……. ; )

Bartosz Gapiński says:

shit, each acceleration is such an amazing orchestra

antonio vito mosa says:

Vai piano!!!!!!

Emre Esat DÜZGÜN says:

Bütün dinlerden yardım istiyorum benimde böyle bir arabam olsun lütfen

Ray Barbosa says:

The 812 have a pretty sound engine! Incredible.

Ricardo Pereira says:

I could sleep with this music..

Lukas says:

Hey mate, how do you record you pov videos?

umberto g says:

Spaventoso 🇮🇹❤🐎

Nuvix says:

My dream car man, one day i will buy it


No need to comment here. Just watch

SWTH71 says:

Imagine buying a mansory instead of this

E Stewman says:

This guy knows what he’s doing behind the wheel of the beast! Salute!!

SCD-BOY1986 says:

This is 1evil car! Jesus!

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