POV: Novitec Ferrari SF90 on German Autobahn

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POV: Novitec Ferrari SF90

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flyingSpaceCart says:

yes, lights are flickering on the wheel like it has some kind of error

Spider-Man says:

Great sound but it's just not the same 😞

Zak H says:

Cool car, pretty sure you don't have to speed up the original version to show that..

Ahmet Çelik says:

Cok keyifli bir sūrūşū olsa gerek

Avanos77 77 says:

Dont like the turbo sound but car is great

Darius Kussin says:

the sound is so off .. ho edit these ?

Ameya Desai says:

The sound and the video doesn't match !

たけちゃん says:

Ferrari is also a hybrid!

Sheshank Reddy says:

Those downshifts 🥵❤️‍🔥

Mi Ku says:

week driver… is there a video over 300 km/h??? tell me and i will delete this comment

Yashvardhan Singh Solanki says:

Lambo killer

Kenyatta Mufumbey. says:

My dream car

Janos Kovacs says:

Terror 😳

José Myers. says:

What a lovely sound!!! This is crazy!!!! 🙂

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