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POV – Porsche Macan S – PSE sound – Cruising through tunnel

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Picked up my Porsche Macan S from the dealer on Friday after waiting 380 days for it. This is one of the first test drives through an alpine pass road (80km/h max) and Swiss Autobahn (castrated to 120km/h).

This Macan comes equipped with a PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust) in agate grey, 21″ Turbo wheels and a number of driving assistants. As a long distance commuter, I love switching on the Active Lane Assist which smoothly assists steering. The sound is absolutely amazing and it drives like on rails.

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DogOfFire - Roblox and More! says:

I️ have this car and personally I️ love it.

Alex says:

I'm a simple man, I see Porsche, I click on the video

Rodolfo Almeida says:

Ronco de opala kkkkkkk

IANXD23_CR says:

My father has this car

BlueSkyAviation says:

Is this the Diesel version?

Ima Wiseguy says:

for that much money, it should cook your supper.

CutoffRanger 150 says:

My mom has the same car, I love it

William Widynata says:

slow driver *dislike

EviL Ras says:

Someone has stolen your videos. Search for macan s videos in this week. Then you can report him.

Nick Clarke (Qube) says:

Sounds quite loud with the valves closed at the start, is that because you have the windows open or is it very loud driving normally?

Celvv says:

Hey vyper kann man sagen dass sich die sportabgas lohnt ? Ich selber hab "nur" den Standart verbaut und hab den sportabgas noch nie real gehört. Überleg ihn mir nachzurüsten. Greez Celvin

İmran Zakhaev says:

1:28 LOL

Bogdan M says:

what phone holder is that?

SBT0166 says:

how did you record the exhaust sound ? thx Nice vid 🙂

fixmdude says:

Nice. Does your active lane keeping control the steering wheel or does it apply the opposite side brakes? The Jeep Cherokee moves the steering wheel for you, while the Mercedes first beeps at you and then eventually brakes the opposite side wheels which seems like it would be annoying compared to the Jeep's method.

pass1985 says:

Your car sounds so different from others! Lots of blurping on the overrun that others don't have!

Eamonn McStravick says:

Heldeep Radio, A bit of Oliver Heldens…  I like it…

Max Erber says:

very Cool Car

Tian Yuan says:

how come it can sound this big in the cabin? Mine sound in cabin is 10 times smaller than yours.

key hanzell says:

you are checking that chicks are you? hahahaha

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