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Presidential DS7 Crossback (2018) Features and Design

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For his first journey as President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron chose to ride in the all-new DS 7 Crossback, the very latest model of DS Automobiles that was revealed just two months ago. This ‘Presidential’ DS 7 Crossback has been specially-personalised with an opening roof so the President can greet the French crowd on the Champs-Elysées.

– The very first DS 7 Crossback on the public roads : DS engineers and craftsmen worked on this unique Presidential car, 7 months before its public launch (first deliveries start in January 2018)
–  Distinguished in a sumptuous Ink Blue paint finish, it features a custom- made opening roof, French Republic signature badging and a Tricolour flag holder
–  The ‘Black Art’ Leather interior (named ‘Opera Inspiration’ after a district of Paris) is revised by a French creation (‘Toile de Laque’ is tailored and created by a craftsman recognised for their expertise and know-how in the specialism of decorative gilding: Atelier Maury)
–  The 20 inch wheels are personalised with finely-created golden attention-to-detail features
–  Most of highly-technical features of the DS 7 Crossback feature some of the new items that will become available with this vehicle: DS Connected Pilot, paving the way for autonomous driving, DS Active Scan Suspension, the 21st century DS suspension system, which uses a camera to anticipate any bumps and undulations in the road surface to ensure the President and future occupants of this vehicle can enjoy a serene ride experience.

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papino xxx says:

Bella bella bellaaaaa❤

Rick West says:

What a stunning bit of kit that is..

Branimir Bukvić says:

Bellissima ??????

Jose Aguirre says:

More than fine!! Simply! Cool! And Awesome!

mikeymarmalade says:

I hope this won’t be overpriced like the new Koleos

Сов 79 says:

Просто нет слов! Класс!

Abrimaal says:

DS Automobiles should not make crossovers, hatchbacks and city cars. They should produce luxury cars to compete with Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Lexus.

Pure Life says:

Bring this to America

Ivan Ignath says:

Ugly like all french cars

؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُإإإ says:

يالله جميييلة جدا

very french and very beautiful car it is not like any other car. it is unique

Bruno Ferraço says:

Muita tecnologia embarcada num só carro

The Krieg says:

a fucking ugly premium c-suv that cost more then a premium d-suv

Kuthan Karakoç says:

There is a saying 'You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig'

The David says:

Ma andate a cagare voi e i vostri giocattoli copiati.
Eravate meglio quando eravate peggio.

abdeljalil nahi says:

like a girl hhh

Etoile Dor says:


Tolga Akyay says:

This is why I chose to buy 2 Citroen cars (C4 Picasso and C3).

abdul rafey Khan says:

I think France has the most unusual state car in the world. No one else decorates their state car like a jewel. Also traditionally the state cars are not supposed to be chic but that's not the case with the French. ?
Personally I also like this approach but I think a state car should have a bit more grandeur. May be an extended wheelbase could have done that….


Last car with real citroen design was C6 but unfortunately only exterior.


So ugly. It's cool when president help to french manufacturing.. But where old beauty unusual citroen design? All last 5(or even 10) years citroen models was "copy-paste-copy-paste…" from other euro and asian automarks

Romain Charpentier says:

autant d'argent public mis pour cet usurier du cartel rotchilds qui mettra les français à genoux!

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