Racing Driver leaves Dad speechless Reaction in Porsche GT2 RS at the Nurburgring!

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Welcome to the #FastLife VLOG! Dad’s birthday present, in the fastest production car around the infamous Nurburgring! Safe to say… it blew his mind! Make sure you watch to the end to enjoy his brilliant reaction!

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Jolly117s says:

As an American the thing that makes me smile the most is how every other driver moves over to the right for you to pass them.

Zeztox I C says:

he looks scared out of his mind. trying to hide it by smiling lol

steve culley says:

it was cool to see some drivers indicating so you knew you could pass them. shows good awareness and considerate driving.

Simon Thomas says:

What a machine! And what a driver! Great stuff, thanks.

Aristocrafied says:

doesn't seem speechless to me..

cdvamp says:

"It's like when you get the fastest car in Gran Turismo."

you mean like in gt4 when you get the skyline or viper or chaparral 2j with stage 4 turbos and you have 1000hp and cheese every race to the GT championship?

Manuel Pero Pino says:

your dad is having a good day for sure!

Mogen Cheng says:

why is the 16 year old taking the dad around for a lap lol

noahman27 says:

That looks like great fun. I would definitely enjoy being on the Nurburgring in a Porsche with a professional driver, but I'd definitely would want to be wearing a helmet for God sakes (maybe wearing a diaper too hahahaha).

Bob Purcell says:

Best…birthday…ever! I need new shorts, though!

DJ St3rling says:

3:30 "Oops, hehe"

A-Camp * says:

02:47 a Wolf amongst sheep

Rolando Roblero says:

Dude this guy is amazing. He face barely changes.

Ning3n says:

Very impressive driving!

phyrexkasgaming says:

Aren't you required to wear a helmet?
I was always thinking it was required for insurance stuff.

Knaw says:

The amount of respect on the ring is just amazing.

Dale Alex Greenaway says:

You can have full confidence in your son, what a driver! I watched the whole video. Actaully incredible to watch.

v Rosmalen says:

3:28 I would've shit myself.

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