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Today we race the tesla roadster in jailbreak and some of the craziest stuff happens to us!



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NapkinNate says:

Drop a like on the video & comment down below for more!

fyez tariq says:


Saira Umar says:

6:20 the joker drewbies friend

BlockPlayz says:

2:49 Did I see someone say “r/madlads”??

Samuel Stephens says:

nate it took u 30 mins to do dat frog thing i did it in 5 mins

heiner playz says:

Nate your the best i love your vid

Golden Devil says:

This is how many times Nate said “Guys”

lyn Ludlow says:

Ok I’m gonna rob this plane
*the plane having a breakdown

Jay Kost says:

I love ur videos

Memes Afton says:

Nate I use your code

Gavin Domingo says:

My favorite part was when the plane was crashing

Alexstens Mg says:

What happend to gooby

Albert Lam says:

3:28 mission inpossir

Lucky T says:

I think I know what so the brick for the new roblox toy series im thinking jailbreak will have a toy

quetzaly ramirez says:

omg the "ewww bugatti what type of 2015 car is that" had me cracking up c i want one and now i cant gwt it

Derick Guox-Lopez says:

The roadster yeet the old buggi and the roadster GOT EM

Solly james mathoor says:

Your the best napkinnate

germany zohaib says:

After 7 monthes I am buying roaster

1 subscriber lol says:

Im not first
Im not last
More specially
Noone asked

Michelle Eason says:

Can I join your server sometime

Adc Twisted says:

Who missing gooby

Caprica Six says:

That plane was like two flight 800 in jailbreak version

laura says:

why is my screen black

blablablaprot gaming blablablaprout gaming says:

Tu ai saoulé

C Knapp says:

I love your videos

iPad account Yore says:

If jail breack had more real speed with cars the model 3 would be faster that’s funny because the surper car is slower then a family car

Nestor Ortiz says:

I think it’s going to be invisible car

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