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Range Rover Sport SVR vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo track battle

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The new Range Rover Sport SVR puts out a storming 542bhp – but how does it compare to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo on the track?

See the Range Rover Sport SVR take on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Audi RS6 here – http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/land-rover/range-rover-sport/91149/range-rover-sport-svr-vs-porsche-cayenne-turbo-audi-rs6

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Tarmac1 says:

I see they have watered some of the corners so they can slide easier

M3N Chaddad says:

You didn’t drive the ranger over in same why you drive the Porsche

Streetbikechamp says:

nice rigs =]


He mentioned Cayenne having 8 Speed Dual Clutch but there isn't 8 Speed Dual Clutch, instead Tiptronic which is torque converter like the ZF on RR if I'm not mistaken……From my experience, Cayenne's 8 Speed does not respond that well….

mshawari1 says:

On off-road range Rover will take any Porsche

George Boy says:

The problem is you can't drive

beechie 100 says:

people will watch this video with interest and then say which colour svr do i want lol

Jericho Supeña says:

He doesn't drove the Range Rover Sport properly! Why?

Margot Lelievre says:

you just drove the ronge

brian savage says:

Range Rover no matter what thats the i suport

Percival Van Den Oever says:

Porsche is toch altijd baas jongens.. en dan nog niet eens een turbo S hahaha

Jahny Koek says:

Its unfair how you pick your favorite car Ofcoars the Porsche looks beter in your eten but in my eyes the Porsche isn’t compatition voor the svr

Caleb Price says:

this guy has some serious balls.

Khalid MuSiCaN says:

05:52 Porsche Cayenne Turbo won in this challenge. this is the end.

Jason Yau says:

The Porsche Cayenne is better for speed and the Range Rover is better for off roading

jesson baysac says:

Not as durable as japanese cars. Toyota fortuner, montero sport, mu-x/ alterra is more reliable than this super expensive car. Wont care bout the parts cause its cheap & easy to replace. Can go anywhere this ultra expensive crap thing.

804ktj says:

Novice driver…

Anonimous Ranch says:

Rang rover -bigger(more space)
better looking exterior and interior

Danny Boy says:

I'd take the Range all day.

halit yilmaz says:

It seemed like you actually didnt focus on the driving with range rover half as good as you did with porsche and you even probably made more mistakes and didnt want to push the car as much. Your reflexes got loose when you started working with range rover. I am sure if you had a price at the end of it, you could make it an even match… This is extremely unprofessional and even dirty&weak in my opinion.

Diptanu Goswami says:

non sense driver!!! pls learn something from BBC!! Stig!!

mrblackbeard18 says:

not that surprising. the cayenne is lighter and has more torque. given those facts one could safely assume the porsche would be quicker.

Achilleas Pafios says:

those arguing that rover would do better off road.who would ever risk such a car offroad???

Foyorama OU812 says:

silly comparison … they should now try off road and see what happens….

Stefan Stoilov says:

That Indian piece of ** weighs exactly the same as the Cayenne. You should have compared it with the 550HP Cayenne Turbo S. And then go and brag about your "British engineering" …

Porsche all the way!

film cast says:

range rover is much better

Dr Peter jones says:

The truth is clear to everyone

if you want a SUV you buy a range rover
If you want a fast car buy a porche 911 GT3
if you want a sports coupe buy a BMW M3
if you want a Grand tourer buy a Bently Coupe
If you want the best sports car buy a Mcclaren
If you want passion buy a Ferrari

Carlo Wisse says:

Did anyone else see the left front wheel of the Porsche Cayenne shake horribly at the 06:25 mark.
Thanks Steve, love to watch your videos.

Micah Blanks says:

bro you tanked that RRSport time

jajesam sigurno says:

I will not watch this to the end, can you tell did the Range Rover manage to come to the finish line?

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