RC Ice Attack | Ford Mustang GT

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With the precision of a medal-winning figure skater and the brute strength of a hockey enforcer, the Traxxas Mustang GT hits the ice for some drifting fun.

Warning! Risk of drowning. Do not attempt. For the safety of the user, others, personal property, and the product, please do not imitate the maneuvers performed in this video. The stunts shown are performed by professional drivers in a controlled environment. For this video, we filmed at a pond that averaged 2 feet deep. Never risk drowning or other injury by entering the water or walking on ice to retrieve a submerged or stuck RC vehicle.

To learn more about the Ford Mustang GT by Traxxas:


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Jack Ivan says:

does this count as hydroplane?

劉承軒 says:

where can I buy this kind of RC

L.V says:

My head didnt read RC so now my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

Tastelessಠ_ಠ says:

Fake, didn’t spin out and crash into people.

lag mop says:

And when it drove to the thin ice it became water attack

Szymon Drozdowski says:

I love ford mustang gt

PurpleMixBR says:

I wanted to have this mustang

WNRxRumiu says:

عطني السيارة اهجول فيها في شارع الفروسية

Sky Benedict Cabrera says:

Doc Hudson: this isn’t asphalt kid this is ice

nouiikou says:

It was a real hit with the crowd

Olaf Siewior says:

Imagine it fell in💀💀

R12N Xd says:

This video take me into hobby rc cars 3 years ago 🤩

M Shafique says:

Mustang GT is the best car

Lamarcus Powell says:

You should send all your rc toys to heaven like I did all you need is a spell caster

Sai Kelly says:

Class! Great footage. Loads of fun

Justin Hardee says:

How much is a GT

Devin vlogs and gaming says:

i took my slash vxl on a frozen lake once and it really ripped until i hit a hole and flipped it and broke it

Johnathon Chadeesingh says:

Can I order one of those RC Mustang cars

S̶h̶e̶l̶z̶y̶B̶o̶t̶0̶1̶ says:

Did you know that people who thought this was a real car just clicked the video

Orang Indo says:


I love bmx Doid says:

Fast and feroios be like

Dave leclair says:

this is what BLONDIE should only drive ….

서른여섯살소년 says:

best more than diecast!^^

Greatest of All time says:

Everyone Get away from there, Mustang on ice.

WestTheBest99 says:

my first car was the 4×4 vxl rustler

Savage gamer Spams says:

I would get it but it’s wayyy to expensive

Leif Berg says:

Plows through crowd of smurfs

Jacob Feitell says:

Where’s the crowd at?

Hadie Mahmud says:

If the ice break 😂

DogWater0pr says:

Is that a Supra?

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