Real Racing 3: Game Team – Formula 1®, NASCAR & Aston Martin Valkyrie 9.0

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It’s the final update of the year and we’re thrilled to go out with a bang! Find out what surprises we have install for you in our latest episode of Game Team.

Real Racing 3 is available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store:


Raihan R.S says:

Pls give nordschlife nurburgring

Kevador Gameur[officiel] says:


Dreamcatcher Design Tshirts Hoodies Leggins Pillows says:

Why there is no Subaru WRX Sti? Why you cannot drift? Why sounds arent loud & soo, quiet and not original. If you make sim, give manual brake, to drift and maybe some update only to drift in Subaru etc from Japan Shibuya, so that wheel turns like in reality. Music should change everywhere. Imagine 2 ppl race, for 10 euro, one gives 5, 2nd also 5, who wins gets all 10 euro minus 2 euro for You 😉

ABDOU Méca says:

I'm a sénégalaise 🇸🇳 i play this game Sincs 3 years . Niveau 30.

Fake Content says:

Custom race even with no profit



Why aren't you guys introducing rally racing and S.U.Vs???????????????????

ShusTv says:

100 тачек реал рейсинг зайди посмотри /100 cars with real racing 3 👍

Brian Rocha says:

The Valkyrie is only for those who use tilt B controls, disappointing to say the least!, Can't get thru with tilt A steering low and braking low.

Gunjit Singh says:

Please bring 19,000 rpm V10 F1 cars please if possible. Current F1 car have moped like in-game sound.

GV Phoenix says:

Is there going to be a 2021 version for F1

P J says:

Don't forget Event Archives. Put the BRABHAM BT62

Cassiano Santos says:

I would like to know how do I solve the problem of the map Brands hatch here for me it loads and then crashes I don't know how I do to solve this problem could someone help me please.

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