Record Lap – Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series on the Nürburgring Nordschleife

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[Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 12,8 l/100 km | CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 292 g/km | Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series]* Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

How close the new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series actually is to motorsport has now been impressively demonstrated by GT3 racer Maro Engel on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. With an officially measured and notarized certified time of 6.43.616 min for the 20.6 kilometer-long track, measured without the straight at track section T13, and 6.48.047 min for the 20.832 kilometer-long total track, measured with the straight at track section T13, the new V8 meteor is placed in the top group of the street-legal “sports cars” category and number one among the fully standard, unmodified models.

“It’s really impressive how much downforce the Black Series generates and how confident and reliable it can be driven, even at the absolute limit. My hat is off to the developers from Affalterbach for what they have put on wheels here. And I’m very pleased that I was able to demonstrate these fascinating engineering skills with this great lap time,” said Engel.

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Mercedes-AMG says:

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Lutfullo Khoshimov says:

I could drive better

Aurélien b says:

La perf est totalement dingue quand tu vois que la piste est mouillée, sur du sec en été il gagne facile 5-6s ! Pour enfoncer le clou, la bagnole a un comportement hyper propre alors que sur le tour de la GT2RS en 6'47 circuit sec on voit bien que le mec lutte à chaque virage pour la tenir, et des distances de freinage hallucinantes, en fait ça ressemble à un tour en course des GT series sur le Nurb complet (GP+Nordschleife). C'est franchement la première fois que je vois une caisse surclasser les Porsche à ce point sur ce circuit

Kelly Jensen says:

When a 2010 Viper ACR held the lap record at 7:12 the video looked terrifying. Why doesn’t this? Lol

TheJDMdriver says:

Not discouraging AMG here, huge congratulations, but just wait till the 765LT says hello and destroys everything. My dads owned a 570S and the thing was bloody nuts. Before he had a 900bhp 997 turbo and it wasn’t as fast or as scary as a standard 720. So imagine with that extra HP and downforce, what a weapon that will be. Say what you want about mclarens, they are fucking fast.

Márk Molnár says:

Wir kaufen seit über 35 Jahre nur BMW aber dieses Auto echt Brutal.

Viktor Kolekeski says:


Tim Kirkland says:

You know what I always find funny?? When mini-vans go around the Nurburgring Nordschleife!! /////AMG RULES!!!!!!

Shanmukesh Bianchi says:

That car is really gorgeous… I'm in love with her

Russischen Mann says:

Класс машина, огонь просто

David says:

Give him an F1!!!!

Achintya Aatreya says:

Almost a GT3 car in the way it carves up the corners. Great job to the driver as well. Superb!!

Holymoly s says:

This guy killed it even on semi wet surface. Damn

OC-K1NG says:

20,832 km ?? That's one hell of a track length 🙂 Congratulations on Lap

MisschienWells welles says:

I can do it faster

chhoc says:

you can afford the three extra grams of weight the black version of the camera costs.. this video quality doesn't do the run justice

MrNorthz says:

Germans did it again.

pro fighter 16 says:

Very nice car and fast at corners it has a good downforce and a good speed at the strates. Nice work from mercedes- amg mechanics and from the driver also.

Jay Sohal says:

Why can’t they afford better cameras 📸 for the interior. 2010 wants their tech back

comp west says:

Select Car: AMG GT BLACK
Select Track: Nordschleife
Select Visibility: As $#itty as possible

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