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Renault Clio RS 200 EDC v Ford Fiesta ST Mountune – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

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Ford has boosted the Fiesta ST. Many people already thought it was better than the paddles-only Clio RS. Time for a face-off.

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Kev Roberts says:

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC The Mother Of Modern hot hatCh'S

Tsal Tsirf says:

Clio looks ugly af

Graeme Stewart says:

i find it unfair you would drive the two cars , THEN bring out and drive an even better Clio in the same video. That cup car has NO place in this viseo.

rowanlewisuk says:

remapped fiesta vs standard clio. not fair really.

gym1993 gym says:

They should at least wash those cars…

Tobias Belz says:

Yeah and Ford has the Fiesta R2 and WRC. No Point to the Race Clio.
As an everyday car the flappy bullshit in the Clio spoils it all. It may works on track, but I don't happen to live on Track.

kram namwen says:

Nice one – and both would have accelerated faster on a cooler day… in 20 years time both will be classics.. with the clio worth probably more due to scarcity.

Matt Rosell says:

I'll have my Mountune MP215 kit finally fitted after over a year of having my ST, I wanted to get really used to the stock performance so I'd feel the benefit from the Mtune kit. So excited! If I'm honest I think Chris Harris is the reason I bought a Fiesta ST! Loved his review of it.

J Wester says:

I would want a Fiesta ST but like millions of people I own a house and a garden and therefore need a tow bar. I don't understand why Ford makes a hot-hatch if it's not for use in an everyday life. Make a two seat race car then and keep your hands off hot-hatches if you don't know what it's all about. So it looks like once again I have to turn to VW because they make fast hot-hatches for normal people also. So a Golf GTI of course has the possibility of mount a tow bar on. It has to be a used one since its more expensive but then you get a car that can function in a everyday life. They seem to understand the meaning off what a hot-hatch is.

Michael Kennedy says:

I would happily buy the clio but the edc ruins it and the sole reason I don't want it.

paul blaylock says:

The brakes on the Feista st are really really good I've never had brake fade yet and I've driven mine pretty hard it's the best all round hot hatch and has been for 3 years or so so the French have a bit of catching up to do on how to improve on the Feista

Simon Coles says:

Pity the Ford Fiesta has an absolutely shocking reliability record

Simon Coles says:

that ST's tiiiiny little rear discs look ridiculous…

Steven Millar says:

is it supercharged or is the noise gearbox wine ?

pbfloyd13 says:

Meanwhile in the US the Fiesta reigns supreme…

Paul Jamieson says:

If you look at the start in slow'mo you will see that the Clio starts off sooner from the line which is why it wins in the beginning …
And don't start me on the Racing version of the Clio against the Ken Block Ford Fiesta ..

Vandalgrease says:

Can you turn off that damn beeping noise telling you to change gear in the Clio??

Andre G says:

big brother focus st in the background 🙂

Tye Pendry says:

The Renault track car < ken blocks fiesta

Sam Buffington says:

It has a roof scoop. I love it.

Michael pound says:

i find it odd in some shots its clearly molten orange in colour up to and including lining up and not once it goes.i know the molten orange colour changes dramatically in different lighting conditions but not to a red even burgundy colour as i had one

Sui Zomb says:

Well with the new Clio Trophy having 220BHP and 260Nm of torque (280Nm with overboost in 4th and 5th!) I'm glad I've gone for the Clio…..

I know it's more expensive but it just has so much more going for it than the Fiesta…..

And if a lot of it is about talk as Chris says the the new Clio trophy has almost 100Nm than the stock Fiesta and OVER 100Nm in the later gears…..

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