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Renault Megane RS 250 acceleration

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Another video will follow, it still ain´t perfect, because it´s not comfortable to record the video and change the gears at the same time.. I´ll find a better solution…
I´ll keep you posted!

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Aube says:

Need This car

MightySplatts says:

Still a good 0 -100 time with holding ur phone 🙂

MeHigh says:

Thanks depechemode!

Dob Niko says:


depechemode4ever1 says:

Maybe the S 2000 can grab the Megane or the civic mugen Power too……
I respect Honda a lot but i m a Renault sport Fan …Got 2 clio RS – 2.1 fire red and 3.1 racing Blue alonso Replica – –
Good Knwoledge Boy of 13 🙂 ….take care

MeHigh says:

@ChevyJackJasonG Great video! Keep it up! 😉 My father has a megane rs too 😉

MeHigh says:

@gangstahboyy you dont know a thing about cars… a honda is faster than a megane rs????? are you crazy?? the rs has got 3 times more torque than any honda and much more horses. I am 13 years old and i know these things, so piece off.

Chevy Jack says:

May I know which Honda kills a Renault Megane RS?? Both stock?

Dodge Ram says:

im that kind indeed that i wouldnt compare a Spyker against a Renault…but anyhow my friend im more of a Honda fan..do not talk about winning now, because you sound like a smart guy that knows lot of cars you should also know by now that Honda kill a Reanult any day, and we know that Honda has the best FWD car + best performance car and a hothatch with such less power then all of his rivals and compare to the bhp Renault has, its a laugh..and the RS come with semi-slicks little cheaters 😉

vrednie says:

Jeez mate, you missed a coupe of shifts there!

Pandemonium Lig says:

Why ?
Do you build in Holland cars as French and Renault who won several WC of Rally and F1 and was the Current engine WC of teh F1 WC with Red Bull RENAULT ?
Do you build in Holland the best stock FWD in the world which have all the records on 1 round on the most famous tracks in the world as the Megane III RS ?
Holland & cars, Holland… ihihihihih

Dodge Ram says:


xCobi says:

Great car … think i sell my beautifull Alfa 147 jtdm and nix a megan rs 250 … done need a diesel and the petrol engines sucks today (fuck off general motors)

Clément Chastaingt says:

@dawson099 This is it.

Denniske Martens says:

Da trekt nog geen worst van de tafel :-p

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