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Renault Mégane RS 265 video review

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The new Mégane RS 265 from Renault is built to out-run and out-smart with more power and better handling.

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Happy Gorilla says:

I'm looking at buying one but what should i look out for in these RS 250 and 265? the ripped bucket seats? if its been tracked? serviced on time etc? and is the 265 much better aside from a bit more power?

keegan spring says:

Does this guy get paid?

Katyusha kat says:

(this cars it's shit ! ) like all renault cars

Unwashed Flyer says:

mine is 1998. my megane is actually pretty reliable i was able to drive it home from off the highway with a broken wheel.

Johnson Lo says:

he sounds like forest gump

Pandemonium Lig says:

To resume better: The Audi RS3 is a nice GT car made for hightways, the Renault Sport Megane 3RS is a pure nice race car made for real roads with turns & for tracks and very less expensive than the Audi RS3…

junkfoodeater says:

Got my rs up to around 300bhp right now, check it out /watch?v=J0ZdvhBQQqo

Fastdrive fan says:

my friend has on of them, on paper it is not look as well as it is in drive, corners – amazing, what is important it is easy to get 350 horsepowers by only 2500 euros and then, bloody hell, almost porsche killer 🙂

bagster60 says:

Was going to buy an Audi RS3, thank heavens I tried an RS265 before I did, saved myself the best part of 50k and got a better car . I just love it. A bit bumpy around town but hey a small price to pay to get to drive one of the best handling cars made today

Tommy G says:

I drive a Golf GTI but this car is just pure love the Megane. Great review.

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