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Renault Megane RS 50 km/h to 240+ km/h

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Start in 2nd gear at 50km/h and goes up until 240+ km/h in 6th gear.

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korkatis3 says:

megane bağımlılık yapar

romantashev says:

 Its Megane 225 ! ! ! ! ! ! !! 

renault megane says:

ive 01 saloon megane  it done 220kph/ 136mph 1.4 rt 95bhp 

RawHardstylez says:

30l100km fuel at this acceleration is pretty ok :O even my Clio III 1.2101hp needs almost 25l when I am accelerating 😀

KvizY says:

He never said anything about those specific cars. All he was saying is that renault sport cars are great and cheap. Audi cars are superb, but not everyone has the money to buy an audi r8 for example.
Although I disagree with his statement that audi's are only for chavs, rappers and etc. They're great cars, although the price of the car, parts and cost of maintenance isn't for most people.

Stefan Milic says:

moze i brze,nije obrtajni moment do kraja

Skoolers says:

Depends on the car, and the difference is not that much, but around 5-10 km/h..

djhousebreakeeer says:

schalten sollte man schon können (; wie ne 70 Jährige mit zittrigen Knie

PretulCorect says:

looooool……. :)))

osiriusy2k says:

Sorry… but it has no balls… Cas with no emotion

Ruben arranz garcia says:

me esperaba una mayor aceleración…pero está bien porque el consumo no me parece excesivo…

jean-michel HERBERT says:

240 to the tachymeter really means 228kmh real speed.use GPS to know exactly.

Hamza Paul says:

@Gabyyysv and you suck my big dick.

Dragos eOk says:

@Gabyyysv Moldovean PROST!

MariusFWE says:

@Gabyyysv shut the fuck up retard

Chock Nurris says:


Oh, I assume you're talking to me. But yoú're totally right man. This the other one, I realised when I watched it again. The new RS is with the yellow rev-canter ;). And still I think I'm beat from 0-100, but not from 100-200…

Iscru Ionut says:

@Gabyyysv Are you crazy ? why did you say that ! I am Romanian , I drive a Megane and i love FRENCH CARS ! And i don't hate French people ! we shoud be friends RENAULT – DACIA !

Bagdadsky_Hornik says:

@Gabyyysv or Czech, there only shitty skoda fabia is preffered. Isnt it stupid?

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