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Renault Megane RS review

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The all new Renault Megane RS has 250 hp and 340 nm… and it looks good! Hi-res via http://www.abhd.nl/video/renault-megane-rs/

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Nigel TM says:

@autoblog waar is dit opgenomen??

Happy Smurf says:

Dit was trouwens niet in Zeeland maar in Zuid-Holland :/

Werner312 says:

perdão mas BraSil é com (S).grato.

MrWillempjuh says:

brazillian people are ailiens

KiekeVlees says:

Werd dit gefilmd in Port Zélande? Dicht bij het Grevelingenmeer?

CHiNCHai says:

ze mkhane iz okhsome, hahaha what a jerk! ;p

Ccleanerable says:

Before joking about his language, the English speakers should know that to foreign ears, Dutch sounds like English, many words are the same, no language is more similar to English than Dutch.

Jorge Salazar says:

dafuq did i just hear?

AdrianNiveau says:

New kids junge maaskantje junge

sonyviva308 says:

RRRRRRRRRREnault SpoRrrrrrrrt..

albedaalbedaschool says:

@MultiBmwe34 Sta daar in de buurt op de camping. Is de weg tussen Ouddorp en Renesse (zuid holland)

jkxjj says:


Alin117SB says:

hope HE comes in peace!!!!!!

BassWhiz92 says:

Alien sounds are from the Netherlands

Vincent Van Gompel says:

it's a difficult language, because otherwise any idiot would be able to speak it.

Pixie Soldier says:

megane rs <3333333333

jronson22 says:

It's the guy from the Shamen

Cowabungaaaaa says:


dude as much as i may agree with you, shut the F##K up and stop complaining like a little B!tch. watch it or dont

Khaled Tawfik says:

DUTCH and DEUTSCHE are different

Khaled Tawfik says:

for those of u who are confused, i was talking about the language and not the car…

LikeMaiki says:

a very, very good car. for this price give not a better car! Golf R no chance!

GameToGive says:

@khaledt90 Thee Reanault Is made by france and it were reproduced in portugal

mikealanzo says:

@khaledt90 same thing, different day huh?!…

Werner312 says:

Alien Language.

ymaniac07 says:

thanks for the subs

Jordan Maz says:


Well I am from Canada, not that it makes much of a difference in regards to big trucks and stuff but I think ppl in Canada would like this kinda car. We get boring cars here 🙁 I did however see the first new Fiat the other day here so maybe they will start bringing euro cars over (even tho fiat was bought out by chrysler or something?)

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