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Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup v Ford Focus RS – autocar.co.uk

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The chase is on around the Millbrook testing ground. For more Renault news and reviews visithttp://www.autocar.co.uk/renault/

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Mindaugas Sakalauskas says:

2009 clio rs you can buy for 5000eur, focus rs 2009 for 15000. fuck ford

AngelPlayStar says:

Last 2 days waiting my "new" baby Clio RS 3 2007 … just for fun … very good price, and amazing condition! 😀 10 years car 😀 still rock !

Rob Gerards says:

that's why i love the Clio 😉

Artyom Timiryazevskaya says:

2:12 that was badass!

Red Gingers says:

Why prior not doing this

classiccarz says:

The Mk1 Focus RS was a better handler. You should have tested the Clio against one of those.

ShaDoWhUnTeR ellis says:

hardly disappearing! those focus rs are very understeery!

slampro123 says:

them clios drive superb i test drove one and was amazed but was put off by reliablity and interior is just nasty to drive though one of the best iv been in

Adam Stanford says:

there's no escaping the fact that the rs couldn't shake the much cheaper, simpler clio. I was really surprised that it did so well. if I had to choose I'd go for the renault.

Jay O says:

Clio for me! much more understated and engaging as a drivers' car

Snake Plisskin says:

I dunno what these reviews are all about, coming from a rs tuning stage 1 megane 250rs to a stock focus RS, there is no way my old car could get near the focus rs in a straight line.

Nik B says:

That jump! Great battle, I'd take the Clio.

neilvader says:

The Clio will spend most of its time in the garage been repaired cause it's a piece of French shit riddled with electrical faults and parts falling off or breaking and costing a fortune to repair. The Ford will hold its value be more reliable and more sort after, the Clio will be ready for the scrap man in 5 years time (if he will take it off you! )

A Nother says:

Always the same with YouTube comments. Stupid fanboys who can't put a sentence together without bad language, made worse by the fact the cars they talk about have a greater IQ than they do. Anybody with half a brain would see this video for what it's meant to be, a fun, entertaining comparison of two disparate cars driven over a handling course. Considering that when new, one car costs about double the price of the other and a third more horsepower, a little common sense wouldn't go amiss.

captainkuru1 says:

Focus RS still the rear strut of Renault (R21 Turbo) and the 5 cylinders Volvo. With bad chassis it's not a good sport car.

Richard Hurr says:

The Clio depreciates like fuck whilst the Focus holds its value.

JaRo says:

Clio Sport is such a great car, it has better braking and corner handling. Much amazed that Focus RS couldn't get away from it.
Steve is great driver tho, you can see the difference in taking the driving lines…
Focus RS has an amazing look, and good performance, but not great. 8:26 on nordschleife time attack…
I guess this will be my next car.

Lewis Jordan says:


Dylantuning1995 says:

How to murder an engine.. redline it for 10 seconds long.. brake.. take a corner.. znd do it all again 😀

thisWASengland says:

that focus was shit that clio would only need 30 or 40 bhp more it would be bye bye focus thats a fact

OaktownsGreatest says:

Is Clio fwd? rwd?

TourdeFrance20131 says:

renault clio    always the best   it has proven itself over decades   and there are always cup cars for on the track    

a real race track clio with sequential gearbox does 0-60 mph in only 2.3 seconds

daveyboy says:

Think they are trying to say if a clio rs can keep up round these roads against a 300 bhp car then the Megane rs would shit all over this. I have a megane 225 trophy and me misses has the f1 team liquid yellow clio rs 200 and believe me they handle the road like they are on rails. Nothing in there class will handle better for a fwd

Kazi2812 says:

Wish this guy would change fucking gear.

Phteven Mind says:

This is WRONG! Don't compare the focus with clio. The focus should be compared to megane rs and the clio with the fiesta!

Chuck Norrisrat says:

no comparisen

v811gfg says:

They have some decent ones in the new fiesta st.

cool ms says:

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