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Petrolheads, assemble: it’s a new Porsche 911 GT3. Which is basically like saying ‘it’s a new Bowie album’ to the music nerds. This is benchmark sports car, the one by which the steering feel, chassis composure and engine response of every other supposed supercar on the market is measured against. The 992 GT3 gets a racecar engine, a ginormous wing and a rather special new knob. And this is what happens when Chris Harris is tasked with running that glorious 4.0-litre flat-six engine in, just so he can open the taps and spank it around a track.

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TallSomeone says:

It's taken me ten years to see the biggest farce in automotive life: race-oriented cars on public roads. It just doesn't work at all for most of us anywhere, and leaves us as simple posers.

ToLose says:

Him being a gt3 touring owner should try the new one

Weets says:

Just look at Chris’s face driving this with the sound off. That’s all the review I need!😎

Frans Bot says:

what about the carbon footprint. People are dying because of global heating. Forget this car. Porsche is stupid to produce these cars. The german car industry doesn`t seem to understand

jeffrey Kilpatrick says:

Finally a reviewer that is brave enough to call out the emperor’s ugly black dull wheels. Black wheels are ugly and boring. They look like they have been sprayed with primer and someday you will get the final coat of silver, or gold or body color paint sprayed onto the wheels.
Chris noted that the black wheels on this gorgeous shark blue paint makes the wheels disappear. Hopefully this fad adopted by 20 year olds that lived with five other guys in a flat and spends 90% of his paycheck on his Porsche car payment. Time for black wheels to go the way of huge chrome fins on the fenders and bullet front bumpers.

Robert Smith says:

check the real one..manual …

LordCardeezyI says:

"Always keep in mind you'll fall in love a thousand times." -Rick Ross.

Peter Doig says:

I think Chris should reign it in a bit.

james townsend says:

Peak motor car journalism right here

Mesrop Madzharyan says:

If he leaves Top Gear it’s done .

Rick Johnson says:

Porsche knows how to build a car 👌

TheUtgardian Channel says:

yeah the car is a bitch to turn even on asseto corsa haha, I'm not good enough for it

Aaron Carmody says:

Prefer the old school air cooled. Electricity is coming? Its here. And it sucks.

the NJK says:

Charis got emotional in the car I can feel it😥

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