Review Diecast Aventador S Lamborghini 1/18 Scale Model Super Car by Jakob Michel

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I’ve used the AUTOArt 1:18 composite model of the Aventador S for the modification process. This model has interesting feautures like the illuminated writing on the sill or the automatic unfolding rear wing.
The lighting is true to original and it includes daytime running lights, parking lights, brake lights, turn signal and more. The battery is hidden in the engine area and can be replaced any time if there is a need for that. This model has many different SMD LEDs in use, which are among others the 0603, 0402, 3mm etc..

The way of realization of such a interesting product is in terms of “prototyping” long and sometimes difficult. But nevertheless, the result is nice 🙂 Enjoy the video and let me know what do you think about it!

modèle de voiture d’éclairage à LED modelo de coche – Iluminación LED / Modellauto mit LED Licht / モデルカーLEDライティング / modell bil LED – belysning / نموذج سيارة LED إضاءة / Model araba LED aydınlatma

LP700-4 – LP720-4 – LP750 -4 – LP640 – LP650-4 – LP670-4 – LP570-4
In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

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Jason Jr says:

Woah that looks like the lambergini eventadoor in real life but it's a toy version

Sabina Yesmin says:

How can I buy this car?

Mehrnoush Kolahdoov says:

Where can I get one of these pls

Jackline Ghassemian says:

I want to but an svj of that

CGG มาดิครับ says:

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walter says:

Where can i buy one of these?

韩芸汐 says:

I also want you to help me refit it into a car like yours. Where are you? Can I take the car model to refit it for you?

Melissa Cowles says:

My husband would love to have his 51 purple mercury chopped sled done with lights and all that how much let me know plz

Vandernei Mello says:

Essa Lamborghini é muito daora com LED

Paulo_Gilberto Silva says:

Eu queria saber se e possível comprarmos 11 980201962


I love this

Uday ddj says:

Voter card block

June Dave Banosing says:

Omg the remote is broken by the way your videos are so cool the 1 18 lamborghini aventador s is awesome like you as a youtuber

Tajul Rajib says:

I need this car plz contact with me



Kaison Truong says:

did you buy it

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