Rich TVX News Visits David Dragičević's Grave – Pravda Za Davida

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Rich TVX

We went to Austria, to a small town called Wiener Neustadt and visited the grave of David Dragičević there, to show our respect. The energy at the grave is extremely strong. There is no ordinary human being buried there, but a angel is buried in that grave. The murderers and the Milorad Dodik regime have cursed themselves and their families for all eternity, with all the terrible things they did to David and his family. #PravdaZaDavida


Tokyo Olympia says:

RIP dear David

Bozica Soldo says:

Pocivaj i miru andele..dusa me moja boli💗

Elma Frašto says:

Tuzno..😢 Tamo daleko..✊💞

Daki Saki says:

❤❤❤Pocivaj u miru sa andelima Davide AMIN ❤❤❤

NI GR says:

Pocivaj u miru Davide,

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