Riding in the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport "Pur Blanc"

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Riding in the worlds fastest car is an absolutely epic experience, having a bunch of exotic cars around to toy with makes it even more entertaining! The Super Sport is actually quite a different feel then the normal Veyron. The suspension is a bit more stiff and the acceleration is still smooth but feels more powerful. When being pushed to the limit the car feels pretty brutal as you can see I was fighting to keep the camera steady a few times. The Ferrari F50 met up with us before we met with the group of other exotic cars and hearing the F50 exhaust through the city was a dream come true. I will be uploading another video soon of the F50 which won’t disappoint.


Harun Malik says:

It'd be a nicer virtual experience if they put on some high speed thrash metal.

Judge Dredd says:

Still to this day one of the most legendary productions!! I watch it often.

Josh says:

Jesus loves you.

alexsandro cintra says:

Name songs please?

Cory Richard says:

Man, watching this confirmation that I may never get this car :-(((

Uttam Taid says:

Inferiority complxes

crewcrew21 says:

Gordon was a fucking legend, shame he crashed that gorgeous f50 tho lmao. Kid went ghost hard hope he’s alright

4200time says:

can't believe I found this . finally someone that can an does drive his car like it's meant to be .I hope your still alive an are making some more once an awhile..

Cheeto Corleone says:

So you just decided to occupy a lane in the downtown of a metropolis because you had an expensive car? You fucking pleb.

Douby Jocelyn says:

Look like they on 12th Ave

Benjamin Inferno says:

It's sooooo cute how the Ferrari F40 was trying to win a race with a Bugatti Veyron. xD Also love the vid! (fav vid of all time) but not to make you sound stupid but you shouldn't of show the bugs number plate then go do Shit like that. Live life at it's most! :DDD keep up the great work!!!!!

Jonathan Dawkins says:

I love this video so much

alexsandro cintra says:

3:25 music name?

mikeklassic78 says:

Boyz wasnt fuckin around out there i see! 👍

MrZillas says:

I was the guy in the McLarenF1

alexsandro cintra says:

Please name This music 3:25

James Clacher says:

One word. Irresponsible. I'm all for a good thrash, but in the city centre? Idiots. Selfish, immature idiots.

Derek A says:

I love you for driving an F50. Thank you. Plus you actual know how to shift. Thank you.

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