Rimac C Two 2020 vs Tesla Roaster – Drag Race 2 KM

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Rimac C Two 2020 by F1&Supercars Challenge


FG says:

Rimac C2 does have just 2 gears with top speed 412 km/h with 0-100 in 1.85 seconds and it's currently the best accelerating car in the world

Yuvenil Gutierrez says:

me hubiera gustado que ganara el tesla

Kunal Patil says:

Rimac is underrated

Micheal says:

Now do the roadster with the electric jet engine

TikToxin says:

animators first time seeing how a drag race works…

31_Uday Rahaman says:

lol no sound XD


Remac Concept 2 stands as the world's fastest electric vehicle passing even all petrol car engine cars .

Arquimedes Correa says:

de algo si estamos seguros, los buenos de Mate y Elon, alteraron la geometría de
la industria automotriz

AzniF 4niq says:

Gemera vs Concept 2 vs Roadster

Samuel Parker says:


Hoki Kole says:

8 speed manual😂😂😂😂😂

Fatihul Dhiya says:

Rimac C2 GTR vs SRT Tomahawk X GTR

M. Raisan Rasyif says:

Rimac c two in FH4 will destroy they both

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