Rimac Concept One

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BrianZuk records the all-electric Rimac Concept_One supercar at the Rimac Estate during Monterey Car Week 2016. The video shows the exterior, interior, electric power unit, charging port, wheels, and other details of the vehicle! Thanks to Rimac for the invite to film the car!

Rimac Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RimacAutomobili/?fref=ts


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Claud Reindl says:

Koenigsegg, Rimac, Pagani….3 gr8 car companies.

254915796 says:

внутри места мало и что то надо делать с сидениями

oto beyin Tamir says:

rimac kardeş ben türkiye den burada bir sübe açma imkan bize verebilirmisin

Mike g says:

Not a fan of its visual design, but the technology in this thing is amazing. Rimac went in the right direction making the driving style very customizable. I hope their next car retains this quality, especially the whirling acceleration sound.

jojojojoj says:

It beats a 918.

640 says:

Very sleek design…LOVE IT!

Sivakumar Thangavelu says:

Insanely beautiful!

The Business says:

It's amazing how this thing sounds like someone loudly stepping on gravel instead of a traditional engine sound… amazing

Johannes Lopez says:

Cant wait for the eventual showdown.. Rimac C1 vs Bugatti Veyron. I say the king gets dethroned in a 1/4 Mile race. Rimac the new King!

R says:

woww amazing car

finalmattasy says:

mate rimac = coolest company on planet.

PetrolManiacs says:

if anyone need good EV car with power he goes for Tesla Model S 100 not this shot hihihihihi

David Chaffee says:

that front end looks like a CX75

Brohana says:

Is that noise coming from the car?

Dilly Dilly says:


Adrian Anguiano says:

looks like a the baby of a koenigsegg and a Subaru brz

Kaisuke971 says:

I'm really interested in this car, but damn it's as heavy as a Veyron SS… I was really hoping it'd be the first real electric hypercar, but now i feel like it needs some improvement. ICE aren't quite done yet it seems.

flyingphoenix113 says:

Boring. I'm sure there is a market for outright speed, but if I had the money, I'd get something that's actually exciting like the Laferrari, 918, Aventador SV, Carrera GT, etc. There is no where near as much engineering involved as there is in the other petrol-powered Hypercars.

Saabastian A says:

Gorgeous shape and design, especially the front

CarClipsOnline says:

Looks like a Jaguar and a Tesla.

Painfully generic styling – like it could be in GTA V or something.

Augusto O.R says:

This thing marks the end of the combustion engine. Its incredible.

adj789 says:

wow that looks fantastic

斎藤一 says:

Ferrari la ferrari vs Rimac concept one
winner is lemac!!EV generation!

Jaffa Cakes says:

It reminds me of a jaguar

YurixRuz says:

Nice sound!

scorpio209 says:

I do like the sound that tesla's make when you floor them but this thing sounds like a dying appliance and it's annoying.

storck08 says:

I respect the engineering behind this car, but it saddens me that soon almost every car will be like this one – soulless 🙁 powered by silence…

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