Rimac Concept_One at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 was a brilliant event packed with action displaying the very best of motorsport where all of 1224 Rimac horses were displayed at the Supercar Paddock and unleashed at the Hillclimb.

The Rimac Concept_One went up the hill 8 times over the 4 days of the Festival. Going on 40% SOC, thus 60% of power into the timed supercars run it set the EV record at the Goodwood Hillclimb to 54.89 seconds.


Chintan Nedariya says:

Is that Shmee @ 00:18 wooow!

Ray Light says:

Bravo Rimac & good luck!

Michael keaton says:

It's feel so strange to not hear any sound from a reving engine

AyyKrypto says:

Sooo this is helmet that is Mrgud having on for instagram Challange? Prepare for it Rimac… im gonna sign it as AyyKrypto, and there will be 3D presentation for it aswell.

Lasharela says:

Can you guys build one for me and how much is it still 1mil euro?

Sourabh Hirau says:

It looks like it is just floating on a cushion of air.

Ninjango Master says:

geile Rennwagen

DŽEMFIXX axn says:

Richard Hammond nightmare

Mr11ESSE111 says:

car which costs too much and basically gives significally less performance then Tesla roadster for 200 000 $ !!https://www.tesla.com/roadster

Kukuruz Krupnoklipac says:

fuel for cev will be empty by 2040. On that time , new type of energy (fusion) will be turned ON (ITER).All this EV things should be the main practice from the time when Nicola Tesla came to this world. But, its too late now. The world is fucked by those noisy and filthy and yet slow CEV junk!

RWBHere says:

Takes it easy…. 60% power…. and sets a record. Wow!

klobasa007007 says:

Great looks, great power and overall very very nice car. Great job guys, pozdrav iz Slovenije.

Jurica Colic says:

Lot of steering input in a straight line Miro, how was the road surface?

lee rollerson says:

what was the time

Dilusha says:

That time is slower than Noble M600, GTR Nismo, R8 V10 plus and 911 Turbo S. Why?

The Pineapple Knight says:

Why is Rimac's silver so gorgeous? It's like a beautiful bluish silver that just looks so good in the sun.

Winterfell 7102 says:

I like it! Where can I buy one?

Miky Koon says:

Its the future better get use to it

BeyerT1 says:

Took it easy and at non full charge, and it was still as fast as the Aventador SV.

Roberto says:

San provozati ga/biti provozan u njemu…Masterpiece of all sorts of engineering…

Mimic says:

I have applied for an internship but they never replied back and they say they care about students !!

Joel senju says:

saw this on goodwood's channel. happy to watch it here again. i wish you guys all the best and hope to see new amazing cars.

Snakebloke says:

I still love the sound of a V10, but EVs really are the future…we could do with some sound though Rimac, come on!

Take a look at the Harley-Davidson Livewire concept…now THAT sounds cool.

Allan T says:

All you hear is it cutting through the wind, its sick

Narednik Harada says:

Why the official announcer talks Concept_S, although quite obvious that inscription on the car says Concept_One?

Sergey Dudich says:

how much is this car ?


i love this car and i love how it sounds. Concept S next year? 😉

Fire Blade says:

Hella Fast!

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