Rimac Concept_One drive

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I had a drive in the Rimac Concept_One during the 2016 Carweek in Monterey. It was pretty awesome. Not only this is my first ride ever in an electric car (looks like I picked my timing pretty well, it’s the fastest electric car out there at the moment), but it’s also a marvel of technology & information = you know EVERYTHING. It’s basically a computer on wheels, as explained by Mate RIMAC, the CEO.

Filmed with a Sony HDR CX700

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Hope you enjoy!



Salomondrin says:

Isn't it fucking mental Alex!?!!?

FelixCraft2013 says:

Is it electric

sven trogrlic says:

at min. 4:01 it literally looks like car is flying around the curve XD

Bob DeVreeze says:

100% torque at 0 rpm . The reason a internal combustion engine will never accelerate as fast as an electric.

Karlo Mustapic says:


User 2389 says:

Utter garbage. This guy is a scammer.

M.H. Bravo says:

My iPhone smacked in my face when that car accelerated

nadav shitrit says:

Wait to the second

Nils Svensson says:

I like Rimac. He stated himself, he doesn't want to save the planet with his cars, he searches for maximum performance. This and the Taycan are the only exciting EVs right now. Waiting for the E Tron GT.

predator pride says:

Das beste e Auto der Welt der Kroate ist der beste genau so wie das Auto Respekt

sasa grubic says:

Ovo je kao kad urođeniku pokažeš kutiju s ogladalcima da se zabavlja. Kutija s el motorom i elektrenikom za dječju igru

Alejandro Rubio says:

Please do not crash it, it will burn in flames like a hell 🔥!

Karbonat Erol says:

Forza horizon 4

Christos Koutsourakis says:

Rimac concept one this is a monster

alen kostomaj says:

Rimac Bullshit when driving full trotlle longer the car takes down power and says baterry too hott wtf is this,it migth have a lot of torque and aceleration bether than a Ferrari butt it remains a car vithout a reall sound and pasion

Laurenz F says:


Vucko97 says:

Copy of tesla

spr1nt says:

its like the big brother of tesla

Themayseffect says:

Rimac has made massive leaps from the C1 to the C2, because the interior design is pretty ugly, even though pretty high class in terms of materials. The C2 is such a nicer design.

PavleTvR says:

Freaking dream car!!! O.o

Anger Prophet says:

1. How to utilize your batteries?!
2. How much do you need to kill animals for the salon?!

sorrowful Satchel says:

Great video! I would kill to get to ride in one of these!

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