Rimac Concept_One vs Bugatti Veyron – Croatia Coast Road Duel!

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When Rimac Automobili founder Mate Rimac issued an invitation to Lord Pembroke to drive the Concept_One ‘head-to-head’ with his Veyron in Croatia, we knew it was time to warm up the Wilton Classic and Supercar transporter and round up the video crew!

This first film shows Lord Pembroke and Mate Rimac familiarising themselves with the two cars on a chilly morning blast along Croatia’s fabulous Adriatic Coast Road.

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Marcel S says:

Rimac one and two are so beautifull cars to see. Fantasitc!

Raymundo Rubio says:

I still choose the Veyron 12cil twin turbo Xplosive Engine

Anthony Polanco says:

años mas tarde compraría Bugatti

AirWolf2301 says:

1:32 Oh the irony… Now his on the verge of his company owning Bugatti lol

Republika Dugave says:

Two best looking cars ever made…

Duje Ahmetović says:

If anyone was wondering, the road is located between Karlobag and Sveti Juraj…personally, one of the most beautiful roads in Croatia

Mann’s Quest says:

Does this guy have a name or shall we all approach him as his grace? Who the hell identify himself as the earl of bloody hell. Come down to earth mr. Nobility it means jack shit these days (or ever). I’m afraid to ask how your ancestors achieve their wealth possibly via slave trades, cotton, sugar, silk imported etc… come down to earth dude and wipe those titles

yash purohit says:

Still the road king is veryon. If we accelerste to its top speed.

yash purohit says:

We will miss IC engines

Knight RYDER says:

I wish rimac installed a plasma engine inside his car so that i can get the sound !

Arjun Raj says:

Of course the throttle response is slow on Veyron what did you expect ? Its a 4 stroke 16cyl combustion engine it takes 4 steps to produce power its not a stupid motor with a battery . Electric motors have instant torque and therefore have better throttle response ! Dont compare a stupid battery car with a veyron !

Akshay P S says:

So you have to design a car better than veryon to drive it

dajosova says:

Mate Rimac is a very simple guy. Very nice!!

Bestman says:

Does it take a rocket science to do a drag race ???? What a boring video .

Steve Hartley says:

The start of a new era in car development! With the range of ev's extending year on year, the future is here and waiting!

abhinav chandra says:

It may be quick and fast but Bugatti still ranks top at 400+kmph


Im from croatia and the rimac koncept one is like car from gta 5 lol

Szabolcs Keri says:

Those squeaky noises in a car like the Bugatti Veyron are pretty bad. #RimacAutomobili

Vinicius says:

why filter whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy put some contrast some colors!!

Luca Hoyle says:

try the chiron and the concept one

Martin But says:

electric car ?!?!!? 0_0 !

Martin But says:

music's so cool ! can i have name ^^

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