Rimac Concept_One vs Ferrari 458 Spider

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Here’s a video of the brand new Rimac Concept_One, an electric car which gives out 1088 HP, having a go against a Ferrari 458 Spider.

For more information, please visit: http://www.rimac-automobili.com/


D4rk34g7e says:

Laughable video… The ferrari costs 10x less then this electric piece of junk

DeltaFrostGaming says:

Fair race lol

93_forceboy says:

ferrari 458 spyder is not a fast enough car lol

Everett Cox says:

Looks to me like the Rimac got the jump because there was no flag man. Rimac would probly win anyways b/c of its monstrous torque but it would've been a closer race with a flag man and besides, it was too narrow a track. Once the Rimac got in front there was no way the Ferrari was going to get around him.

Judge says:

GTR will fuck that piece of shit electric slider

Karl Hanzel says:

'Just have to note (as others probably already have) … it may "leave it in the dust", but quite probably that's in part because the e-vehicle was clearly "out of control" and swerved in front of the fossil-guzzler early-on in their sprint.
'Good for all in proximity, that they didn't mangle each other or kill an ~innocent by-standing photographer.

Sorry, but i just don't see that it has any real relevance to anything anyway…
Who really cares who can "smoke rubber"?
In this age we live in, it has to be about how we can mobilize our (often lame) asses with the least energy possible.  "Efficiency" by any other name.
Bicycles fit that bill quite exceptionally.  E-bikes are perhaps next in line (some think the other way around … 'not sure yet).
A passenger bus is quite good, but … man, there's a wholelottaroom for improvement there, aye?
Trains?  'Could be a lot better too.
It's past time to get on with it people.

Beyond "efficiency" we might also think about "contentment".  Maybe we don't need to transport our asses in the first place?… maybe we could be more content with where we're at.  I sometimes perceive that we're "hyper-mobile".  'Know what i mean?
Like, i've got neighbors that drive their big, fat trucks & SUVs in&out from their homes multiple times per day.  WTF is up with that?

Humanity needs to grow up…  wise up.  Let's move beyond fossilized fuel, for starters, and try to salvage what we have left of the planet we're pretty-well bound to share.


Justin Crediblename says:

In the next race, they drop a concrete barrier in front of the ferrari. Guess who wins!

Zama Mattiolo says:

obviously doesn't have anti-slippery system. 

Brad M says:

The Rimac fishtailed in front of the Ferrari. The only way the Ferrari could have overtaken the Rimac is by going  through it. Doesn't prove a thing.
 With a brand new battery on max charge, the Rimac is fast. Cycle that battery a hundred times, and I bet it would be Honda Civic food on the track.

Wikus Botha says:

So how could the Ferrari even attempt to race when the other car spills over into his side?

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