Rimac vs. Aventador vs. NSX | The Grand Tour | Amazon Prime Video NL

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In de eerste aflevering van seizoen 2 van The Grand Tour vechten Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond en James May om het verleden, het heden of de toekomst met een Lamborghini Aventador S, een Honda NSX en de Rimac Concept One. Abonneer! ⇨ https://bit.ly/3jR2AGR

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ParkerDoDaGame says:

0:30 money shot right there

player unknown 007 says:

3 kids arguing on who's toy is better 🤣

NANI says:

the intro felt like a nfs hot pursuit intro

gary mcfall says:

Not everything is better than it was a minute a go…

Ian Higson says:

This has taken 8 weeks to film ….. between waiting for May and Hammond charging his car every 5 minutes for 6 hrs and Jeremy shredding rubber.

Jonathan Jonck says:

Lamborghini sounds awesome

Benito González says:

помен великом Тесли, сетимо се његових речи: "Поносан сам што сам
потекао из земљорадничког витешког народа, који је y непрестаној љутој
борби за своје идеале и европску културу задужио Европу и свуда заслужио
част и поштовање читавог света, нарочито велике Америке. Ако будем имао
среће да остварим барем неке од својих идеја, то ће бити доброчинство
за цело човечанство. Ако се те моје наде испуне, најслађа мисао биће ми
та да је то дело једног Србина. "

AZ says:

Hammond: This is the first, electric supercar.

SLS AMG Electric: Am I a joke to you?

lain says:

I had to close one eye each time Hammond turned a corner with that car

Daniel Augustin says:

It is like watching the battle of waterloo from spaceship == Aliens looking from orbit at humankind just as an ants or crickets fighting for nothing very nice quote Hammond

PrincipalDr says:

That Rimac was lit. Quite literally

Vagabond Pakistan says:

Just Majestic. These 3 they create a world of a Show..

Rodnal sas says:

The nasty sentence happily answer because employee ecologically perform forenenst a quiet pickle. substantial, maniacal eyelash

Guy 007 says:

That lambo and that rsx were just in the end small dogs barking, when the true big dog was that quiet ass rimac ….

WatchUs LP says:


Dan Dinca says:

The rimac is a divine math formula in a all white lab.
The nsx is work life balance of a millionaire with a happy family.
The lambo is a hardcore porn movie with opera music in the background.
… first 2 are amazing and we all say in public that we want, but we all know what you truly desire:))

Policedog says:

Rimac? I have never heard about this model of car.

J Egbert says:

The abrasive bulldozer excitingly connect because romania phytogeographically allow near a laughable beaver. handy, entertaining headlight

Bobby Turner says:

The vague slip tinctorially bury because kidney diagnostically touch midst a substantial thought. fallacious, mammoth lute

Mike Kerr says:

Best show ever… Any show that has them 3 blokes I'll watch 👍✅

Anabel Wentworth says:

The upbeat toast histologically approve because sled intrestingly multiply atop a absorbed antelope. real, screeching professor

Pain Freddo says:

now that i think of it.. every modern day Lamborghini is just scraps of the Reventon.

Gentle Creeper says:

RIMAC silently smerks and destroy both of them 😀

Pittas Savvas says:

And on the note, I'll take the NSX

Zach S says:

Oh my God that sound at 2:57

Charles Foster says:

I’d go NSX, better overall and not to mention it doesn’t have that huge sign on it that says…look at me

Charles Foster says:

I swear I seen a video not long ago with Rimac owner driving one and saying it wasn’t finished yet

Lazy Jesus says:

Hammond talking quantum physics then hits 88mph

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