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Rory Reid vs Ford Focus RS – Top Gear: Series 23 – BBC

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Today’s hot hatch world is populated with talent, with many Fast Things like the Mercedes-AMG A45 and Civic Type R. Which means the new 345bhp Ford Focus RS has its work cut out…

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AVC-Works says:

I find the A45 such an ugly car… Focus looks much better. For the interior i'd maybe pick the A45

chupeta POWER says:

This video have be in make in 2016 and I wondered if after you get headgasket problem you feel the same about this car? Because I get the same problems and two times so let be honest this Ford Focus is trying to overpower the wron engine 2.3 350hp that’s sounds good and problem will come soon or later in this car to all users…

eny margaretha says:

Ford focus rs 345 hp civic type r 305hp a 45 350hp

Banaan Bosse says:

That was a realy good review!! I love that RS and i also love that they used that song on the end that they also used in series 22 with the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante!!

Phantom says:

Check out SGTR this Rs lost to Wrx with the same mods

BigTimeSpider says:

no CC :C makes me sad

Liam Mills says:

Looks nothing like James May.

Jaime Garcia says:


RotationFSX says:

I like this guy, really good presenter

Peter Cavellini says:

Rory,get over it!, 99% of the time your supposed to drive sensibly, if you have to behave like a loon to rock your World, do it on a Track, or an X Box!

Peter Cavellini says:

Both have forty horsepower more, that’s it, Drift Button?….totally redundant.

Peter Cavellini says:

The drift Button… you’d only try it once…!?!

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