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RR3 Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo vs Aston Martin Valkyrie vs Volkswagen ID.R vs Ferrari SF1000

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Real Racing 3 Spa-Francorchamps


Dragon KRIEG says:

what the hell SF1000 slower than Aston Martin Valkyrie. in both corners and top speed. even for "Real" Racing 3 this is a stretch lmfao

JaviCr72 says:

"But it's a Ferrari!"
"It's a shitbox!"

Goat Has covid says:

Irl, merc would whoop everything

dbz 4ever says:

A bit unrealistic

Teslaboi18 says:

The ID.R acts like it has a fan car. The numbers are lying. The grip should have been 4.00g+ instead of 2.79g. Well, RR3 lies about the numbers indicating their performance wherein their real performance is in the multipliers from the files of each cars.

Tobias Stiegeler says:

This is not realistic. The ID.R can do 0-100 in far under 2 sec.

Nnaemeka Omeruo says:

physics left the chat

Al Morey says:

If the f1 car stayed on the road that would help….

Tommaso Matteu says:

This is realistic, the SF1000 is the last car.

Teo D. Kenneth says:

Could've used a fully upgraded F1 car(Max Driver and Max TP) and a full Italian GP or Belgian GP Tuning…

Mark Mixer Records says:

There No cars faster than a f1

shahul says:

Bro you still uploading rr3 wow

F1 Furious says:

No physics in the game

Guillermo Rois says:

2020 f1 pole was 0.5 seconds faster than 919´s lap


What game is this?

Blungapus says:

isnt this a mobile game?

Luthfi Nadhil says:

Sf1000 is a tractor, should've used the W11 instead 😂

The Time-Lapse says:

Car vs car vs car vs tractor. F

Сайтама says:

soundtrack please !!!

Vaga Bong says:

The 3 cars other than the f1 will be faster on the straights , thats a fact.
But i dont believe that those cars can take that kind of cornering speeds with those tires and aero design. In the corners is where f1 cars will be much faster than the other 3 cars. Very unrealistic in the corners. At that speed the front tires of the 3 cars will just not make the corner.

Kevin Doldersum says:

This is the content we wanna see!

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