S7 start up

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Amazing 7liter V8 rumble!


Petre says:

Best car ever made. Your argument is invalid.

Goldfinchwoods Столярная мастерская says:

Звук как у ГАЗ 53

kiki4rich says:

I broke up with my boyfriend for S7 LMFAO jk

brothertwinz says:

@Gazzz87 yh….. but ur ute isnt worth the same as a saleen….

Michael Schmitt says:

@MrBillydoo They leave you wanting more.

Attila Nagy says:

427 YEAH!!!!

paulschreiner1978 says:

@Gazzz87 great comment from down under! you're so right, man!

PCGamer_RN says:

Nice engine sound.. but the rumble doesn't fit the car lol. It sounds like an old school muscle car then you look and see a car that looks almost like a Mclaren F1 haha

Grug Crusader says:

@2URBO2 ya that's you, lol.

cheezeofages says:

Poor guy, can't drive down the street without every single bystander orgasming at the sight of his ride. lol

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