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SALEEN – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

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Saleen has been a staple in the tuning world since the ‘80s, and has helped so many Mustangs reach their final form. They’re currently working on a car for the GT4 racing world, and have gone through a ton to get here! Join James as he dives into the history of Saleen!

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Donut Media says:

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FFuckin' Kris says:

I remember growing up and seeing the Saleen building here in orange county California while driving by

904Saleen says:

Recently met Steve. He signed my car and talked with me about it for a few minutes. Really nice guy and its awesome that at 73 he still races. Also got to see the 3rd Saleen ever built

BurntFaceMan says:

I only know Saleen from Gran Turismo The Saleen SR Widebody =)

Dan Krause says:

He’s here watching a video bored af

Calvin’s car dairy says:

The guy in the audience is wearing the same shirt

Joe Johnson says:

The Saleen Manufacturing plant/dealership isn't too far from where I live, every so often I drive out when the have an open house or something similar to see them still making those legendary mustangs and sports trucks.

A James says:

Ok watching this back now and that Saleen 1 is the new Lotus Emira

joshawott31 says:

The Camaro is called the 620 probably because that's wheel horsepower where the figure of the 650 is from the crank

Sean says:

I wish I could get a Porsche at 20

Ben Becker says:

Stay as long as you can.

x xx says:

so going to skip everything we need to know about saleen new edges ???🤦🏽‍♂️

Juandiego Chavarria says:

I think I Learn more here then in my history class

Vlaxion says:

Saleen s7 twin turbo is my dream car

John Michael Suba says:

Hope you guys do an up to speed about the Chrysler ME Four Twelve.

Tommy F says:

This guy is extremely annoying

Ovaltine Jenkanz says:

Is it a coincidence that I was born 2 days after they debutted a car on April 17th, 1989? Pretty sure there aren't any coincidences. I'm not even a person.

Armyman says:

$1,500,000 in today's money, so you're saying the dollar has lost -74% in 22 years?

Titus says:

The s7 is Just so slick🥵

Luke Orrin says:

"Shouts to Raid for sponsoring this episode. If you've got roaches in your crappy apartment- Oh. Wait. Different Raid. Same crappy apartment, though.

Zechariah Cochran says:

Wait wait wait didn't saleen made a mustang from the 2000s called the "Mustang Saleen SR?" or was that fake?

Jonathan Gard says:

Love you too


How about engine details….427 stroked out 351 windsor…who needs an LS when this is whst a windsor can do?

clort123 says:

That was NOT a neon color. GTFO

Charles Bingham says:

Stop yelling wtf

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