Saleen mustang twin turbo over 900 rwhp!!!

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Let’s also clear something up.. this car has 900 rwhp(rear wheel horsepower)… that’s different from bhp(brake horsepower) which is measured from the engine. The bugatti veyron has 1000Bhp, not whp(power to the wheels, since it’s awd). rwhp is ROUGHLY 15-20% less than bhp. so a car with 1000bhp probably has around 850rwhp. With that said, this car has probably around 1100 bhp… so please retards, don’t say that the veyron has more hp bc it clearly doesn’t. Whether it goes faster is completely different and if your e-penis gets bigger after stating your opinion, then go for it.


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With that said, here is a description of everything done to the car THAT I FOUND ON THE WEBSITE THAT I FOUND THIS VIDEO FROM(for those who wonder how I know so much about it):

This car started out as a 1999 Mustang GT 5 speed. The car retains most of the factory interior except for the gauge cluster which has been replaced with the Florida 5.0 Setup. I will give you a rundown of what the car has.

This car made 888Rwhp and 787+Rwtq on the dyno BLOWING the tires of the car on the rollers. Car was tuned by Job Spetter Jr from Turbo People and was still unable to fully tune the car because they couldn’t get traction on the dyno. This is the car that WILL spin at 100+mph. Car retains Power steering with a custom P/S pump added to the otherwise factory power steering and braking system. The turbos on this car are low mounted, so you can’t see them from the engine compartment. They are hidden neatly behind the front facia of the car, the turbo inlets feed right from the bottom of the saleen skirt. Car does have an oil scavange system as they are mounted so low.

Mainly all original.
Florida 5.0 Gauge cluster w/ Autometer Gauges

Complete Saleen S281 Kit Including Supercharged emblems and decals w/ S281 3 pice wing.
$8000 House of Color Custom Silver Metallic paint job with heavy metal flake (including jams and all other nooks and crannies)
Replica Saleen 18×10″ and 18×9″ wheels with 295/35/18 and 275/35/18 Kuhmo Ecsta MX’s

R block
354 CI Stroked
Canfield Heads fully ported
Custom Intake from Turbo People
Custom cam from Isky
75 mm throttlebody
Custom Air to Air intercooler from Precision
QA1 tubular K member
Granettli coil overs with Koni shocks on all four corners
Twin Precision P-52 turbo’s with Turbosmart waste gates
Custom 1 off 1 7/8 custom headers made out of 321 stainless steel with Burns collecters
3 inch custom exhaust all the way back made out of 304 stainless steel w/ Burns Mufflers
X2C Motorsports V2.0 Tremec Transmission (good for 8.90’s or 1.1 60ft’s)
33 Spline Mosers (yes 33 spline) with Mosier Spool and TA 8.8 Cover
Mcleod Twin Disk Clutch

Weldon 2025A
Weldon Step down box
96lbs Boch injecters
-10 Fuel Feed
-6 return
Accel Gen VII DFI

99% of this car is custom 1 off. You will not find another street car like this anywhere. This car is no doubt magazine material, and if taken to the right events, you will get coverage for it. Crowds? Everywhere this car goes it attracts attention, wether it’s the custom metallic paint, or the sounds of two turbo’s spooling, people love. This car is simply a work of art, but requires a driver with the balls to handle the power this car puts out. With slicks on, Job told us this car will make the 1000rwhp mark with no problems.

Over $60,000 invested in this car.


Be Ready ✝️ says:

I miss this style of video. I'm not sure what it is about the recording device, but it is more enjoyable to watch.

Jesse Martinez says:

Who needs kids or a house when ya got this !!!

BuzZ says:

I have a 04 cobra…. but this sounds sick πŸŽ―πŸ’―

BuzZ says:

✊ I have a 04 cobra… this sounds sick 🎯🎯

Rafa4 Barca says:

This video still exists 😭 I remember watching it well over 10 years ago lol, always loved new edge mustangs.

blackcobra95 ___ says:

This was a viral video from the pre 2010 Youtube era.

I'll never for get this car or Snake Bite

1st_Last_&_Last_1st says:

Still one of the Baddest car vids on the web in 2020! I remember drooling about this car in 07/08 still.

Ralph Velazquez says:

β€œI love anything fast enough to do something stupid in!”
This Saleen is β€œStupid” lol.

Suyash Dwivedi says:

Ngl this was on my recommendation
YouTube be vibing :v

Mattster says:

It's 2020 and this car is still badass af

Kirzo HD says:


Jose Oliver says:

I have seen this video so many times that it is a legend because I fall in love more and more

conqururfear says:

That car is fucking sick

A Fera says:

I am so happy to see this video is still floating around.

mqiqkqe r says:

What ever happened to this car??

Jeff Goss says:

I remember this Saleen!! Unbelievable!! Sounds sick!!


If you look in the description it saif it was a 1999 mustang GT.

Tony SRZ says:

12 years later n I still remember seeing this online
N here I am again.

stalker umbra says:

The turbo sounds like the car has allergies

Frank Jager says:

Still have the car or did you sell it?

GSTtuner22 says:

Brother your video is LEGENDARY, I’ve watched it ever since i could remember!!! Showing this to my son to encourage his love for speed

Tstaten4 says:

2019 and I still watch this bad ass car

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