Saleen S7

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Mission Rebus says:

@tidewater just saying.

tidewater says:

@joltson247 Really? Always wondered about that.

Mission Rebus says:

@tidewater its low to the ground because the car is meant to go fast.

stephen garofalo says:

@PandehPropaganda how dumb would you feel if he actualy did control both accounts? i would feel pritty dumb to…

NEWS FLASH! he does work both accounts. am i full of shit? you tell me.
15 yr old pissy atitude? i beet you already kreeped my account so you know im not 15, this is funny, comming from the dumbass that carry a balloon of ego werever they go….

CemetaryGatesML says:

@PandehPropaganda uhu yup, you are an idiot, and a fine one at that, why dont i continue this message on my other account? just to make you feel that much more dumb. ok?

CemetaryGatesML says:

@PandehPropaganda i like that ball of ego floating aboer ur head… only a real idiot replys to a 1 year old comment.

nielsboex says:

One of my three favorite cars. Let me choose between this and any ferrari and I'll take this one in heartbeat.

Booper says:

if having that car meant i had to live in it, i would do it. lol.

DocWolph says:

@warkus123 Nah. Just looked it up. But it does look longer.

Error Creator says:

@DocWolph ok (i `m not THAT good at cars)

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