Saleen S7

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Twin Turbo Saleen S7 dyno


Matthew says:

noobs floor it to the limiter

Jarek Hornbeck says:

sounds gay id expect it to sound powerful and roar not sound like some chick screaming

Hugh ManBeing says:

@irockoutlouder1 750 actually…:D

MILTONHILL55555 says:

@cortey101 i dnt care if its a bored crate motor, wen u look at it the engine itself looks as if cost a few 100 thousand so i guess u hate that they spent on engine design too huh. kick azz

Brian says:

Sounds like the dyno is screaming for mercy!

cevin11 says:

@irockoutlouder1 – It's not just a spoiler, the suspension is stiffer, and more engine tweaks to get the 1000hp. There's other things they do to the car itself that separates it from the the TT..

cevin11 says:

@irockoutlouder1 – Standard TT has around 750hp, the optional competition package has the 1000hp.

r2d23678 says:

sounds like a fuckin jet when it slows down

NWA1 says:

@mnmant damn right!

Kenny Neto says:

@AddersZXR4 since when cna an aston sit 4 in the dbs?

Kenny Neto says:

@AddersZXR4 yes they are obviously you havent seen their show they prefer British cars to EVERYTHING aston martin his aston martin that for the price of a DB9 id get a viper thats 10x faster

Kenny Neto says:

@AddersZXR4 i wouldn't those assholes are biased to american cars!

kingofzero says:

could cut out the first 45 seconds of this video.

Curtis Clement jr. says:

Damn i like those numbers!

s25117 says:


Curtis Clement jr. says:

besides the vid, is there any stats. like i would like to know how much HP, and Torque it has.

Kim L says:

fucktop le char

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