Saleen S7

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Brian records an awesome Saleen S7 at an exotic car show.

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1aceves says:

F**CK!!!…This car is SICK!!!…I like the fact that it's an American supercar!!!!

MileHighPEWPEW says:

my bad didnt mean to give thumbs down i agree too the konigsegg r so sexy screw bugatti its just a fast vw

I Fezza I says:

awesome shot at 11 seconds

Nigel Webster says:

awesome idea steve (saleen), 5 stars

autotechnica says:

You said it "easily" reaches 200, which to me means it can get way over 200. When you said that it sounded like you agreed with the comment I originally replied to, that the car does 250MPH.

At any rate, from all the test results I've read, it doesn't reach 200 all that easily. More like 200 is the top speed. Most test results show just under 200.

chris Schindler says:

where did i say it goes faster than a veyron?
…no where in that sentence did i say anything about a buggatti veyron whatsoever, just because its not faster than a veyron doesnt mean it cant go over 200

autotechnica says:

Yeah you're right, I'm a moron. Wow, didn't know that an S7 was faster than the world's fastest car, the Veyron. They must have forgot about the S7 when Bugatti made that claim. Where do you guys get your info? From video games?

chris Schindler says:

yeah ur a fucking moron. that car easily goes 200. that's not even the wtin turbo either

spookylanguage7 says:

saleen is an american car company. thats y they tune mustangs and pick ups

Nspinicelli says:

Don't forget about the Noble M400 (which is now actually the Rossio Q1 as of February of 07)

Gianluca Chiarolanza says:

i've just watched it, thanks, the s7 is the perfect supercar, no doubt.

Gianluca Chiarolanza says:

my favourite car, this is a fantastic video, thanks!
btw the tt is better than this, expecially more reliable..

prestigefrance says:

this car is awesome and theses colors are perfect

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