Saleen S7

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Saleen S7 at Symbolic Motors in La Jolla, San Diego, CA.

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Db_auto_photography says:

Where is this car now

Murci tador says:

Damn we have the 05,12,2016 that Video is 10 years old..

GoPro5 says:

Maybe I'm loosing my noodles but it reminds me of the SSC Ultimate Aero

blindinglight619 says:

that's a twin turbo too awesome!


by far best car on the showroom floor !!!

dragonsmugla says:

Now that is a great selling point. "Sorry Mr. Customer but in order to pull it out of a normal driveway, we have to put down some ramps." lol Sweet car though!

tikomen4king says:

awsome dealership dude!!!

wwxwwxwwx says:

wow that car looks nice what car company bought the model of the s7

NickslashDave says:

damn, I wish they would have had that when I went there. I saw several partially assembled at the plant but never a completed one 🙁

Z bot says:

That's my kind of dealership =)

Raffi Melkonian says:

After all that work for a test drive, and guy didn't even buy it. lol He opted for the Prius. It's the most beautiful American car I've seen.

Kerfuffle Knight says:

rofl they needed boards to get the car up the curb!

Kane says:

i got that car.

in TDU.

Leslie Daggy says:

Thought the boards were going to snap.
If this is where the dealership is located, and if you have many cars like this, that sit so low to the ground…you should probably consider investing in a better way to get the ladies up there. It was almost nearly painful to watch.

Skyjuice70 says:

I wonder how much is the insurance is on that beast…probably $3000 a

Rafael Quispe Gutierrez says:

ke tal fierrazo..buey.,…..

marksranger says:

Now your collection is complete

phatphred says:

ummm, the Saleen S7 has a body that was designed in Britain. You own 18 cars? yeah, right

Emre urgenc says:

yeah you also buy fast bikes so that you can have your organs donates as soon as possible 🙂

msskool says:

thats an ugly car………….noooooooooot

Fauk Uoff says:

i know what im asking santa for xmas

pointsur says:

just dont do that here near pebble beach. they catch people big time down hwy 1. plus, we here in the fire service have a name for you all: "organ donors".

sonic911 says:

that is a hot car it only sucks cuz these cars are so low in the chassy that its hard to not scratch the front end

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