Saleen S7 hits it!!! – 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise

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A Yellow S7 punches the gas.


3Skitz1Production3 says:

i dont even need to leave a hate comment for you to get the point. the 100,000 people before me did well enough

Aleksej Syrotjak says:

@capridrifter I am interesting, what was hit here, too.

jon b says:

well this is some one that knows nothing about vehicals posting a video you prob think sunfires are really fast to….

rashtte says:


You realize that if the driver of the Saleen hit the gas any harder than he did, he probably would have fish tailed and ran someone over? Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to control a vehicle with that much power? Its EXTREMELY irresponsible to pull shit like that in a public area. That's why people with money never drive their cars hard IN FRONT OF YOU. They're not looking for a lawsuit.

leabuelo says:

@capridrifter hits the streets duuuuh!

brothertwinz says:

@johnstangg still doesnt make the vid any better, the s7 doesnt hit it, it just taps the throttle…

taz275 says:

man, i wish i was there, i was trapped in the U.P.

Steve Chacon Jr says:

@CBRuRedE: I agree bud. It would have done everyone a bit of good had he given ithat S-S7 a bit of gas and flexed the clutch pedal to spin those tires some. >I know we would've!

DaMtnLion says:

why would he floor it with a bunch of traffic in front of him? im pretty sure the guy takes it to his local track to let it loose

jesman1 says:

Yeah but 99% of the population will NEVER be able to afford a car like this. I mean even 'a millionaire' can`t afford this car with his other bills in life probably. And even if they could, even a smaller percentage would spend that much on a car. You`d have to be a multi multi millionaire imo. Awesome car though, of course I`d love to have one. In my dreams, heh. Wait till the effects of Peak Oil start happenning, the worlds lifestyle will be changed forever.

Chris Holt says:

I agreee. I was just watching rides yesterday on Discovery HD and the guys were like cars were mean't to be driven. "If you see my car on a trailer, call 911 because it's being stolen." I respect people like that, not people that spend $100,000++ on a car just so they can say they own one. And put gas in it maybe a handful of times.

Yutubetopteensingers says:

You have a point. Im 47 and I drive my car flat out at tracks days, not like an idiot when Im on the street. When I was younger I could only afford a big block Mustang and I drove it hard on the street, now the car is driven like a baby when its on the road…. as for when my son takes it out,,,,, he better be babying it…. lol.

Bansheeflyr says:

Lol thats considered punching it?

brin3535 says:

The irony in your "putrid" statement is laughable my friend. I'll let you figure out your own mistake. By the way, this video still sucks.

somerandomaccount says:

learn to use grammar… your plurality usage is way off. newb

brin3535 says:

Worst video of all times.

russiangrim ihategoogleplus says:

no i didnt u shitface..u saw that alot of people were agenst you so u just lied….and if u ment happy…..then…….just…..say…happy u fucktard

somerandomaccount says:

I obviously meant gay like "happy," as capridrifter clearly pointed out. Jeez you guys are high strung…

Derek Montero says:

my favorite car!

Justin Coleman says:

no room to hit it lol

russiangrim ihategoogleplus says:

why is he gay? he fukin asked u a goddamn fukin question and im with him….wtf did it hit? what are u a dumbass? stop fukin calling people gay u shit face

somerandomaccount says:

wow you're gay huh?

Danny7930 says:

the beauty of cars.

nere0548209 says:

That car did break down. It was parked behind a bank near Woodward the same day. Several people saw, ask around.

Reece Nelson says:

dude how the fuck would you know?? you cant afford a car like this!!

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