Saleen S7 LM shooting flames.

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Near the end of Exotics on Cannery Row in Monterey, this S7 was leaving it was shooting flames, and it almost burnt the tip off a MX-5 that was behind it. #saleen


Seth Kornegay says:

0:06 when I get mad in a car

Snake Eyes says:

This girl has looks AND personality. I'll take 2

Ali Çalpur says:


Unlikely says:

My guy cooking his rear bumper 😂 I saw an article about this car up for sale in April and I saw burn marks on the rear bumper

Mr.Deadpool says:

that spoiler and rims really look like shit

Gabrieldutra couto says:

Body of a new v12, heart of a american 60-70 muscle

Ahmad Farooq says:


Sauceyyy says:

Looks and sounds great but very uncomfortable to drive especially in a city

Marcos Dallasguy13 says:

Gave me chills in my testes

csaleen302 says:

This is the best super car ever produced. American muscle powered super car!!

Guns N' Games says:

Saleen S7s run on blood of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Raccoon says:

Jesus fuck!

sp4nrs says:

I reckon these are the coolest car ever made

GruigiTheFirst says:

Nfs heat antilag before nfs heat existed

RpM Zephyr says:

0:06 YEAH!!!!

Tristan Devin says:

The sound has a Lamborghini aventador shooting flames

JaySkoon93 says:

Those turbo sounds are AMAZING!! 0:07 to 0:14

The Anime Libarian says:

Yes and yes

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