Saleen S7 Ride

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I Got A Personal Ride Inside The Saleen S7 Press Car, Straight From The Manufacturer!


Nobody says:

Beautiful car!

Jeffrey Melnik says:

Was there a decimal at :10 ish seconds.. as in 110k miles.. assuming not

fctsui57 says:

@MrOwned0001 What about the SSC Ultimate Aero??

insatiableTy says:

@migui5533 white people? aparently you haven't seen the countless amount of videos out there where blacks thought it would be "G" to blair fucking little wayne or some shit through out the entirety of THEIR video.

Kj Logan says:

the best coler for a saleen s7 is like a light green coler or a beige red

slyck101 says:

music can't beat a super car's sound. even if you were quicy jones

Blackarps says:

You bastard.

Max Power says:

if I had a dollar for every pixel in this video….Id have a dollar….

Killer31st says:

110k miles??? nice some1 drives their supercar

davidsucks says:

Your camera sucks too much for you to be cinematic…

victor lively says:

why post a video of a car and exspect people to be able to listen to the car great video just why place music in the background ruines the effect of the video of listening and watching a sweet car

TheBulitt says:

low dollar: 5.0 mustang
mid grade: Shelby GT500
high grade: SALEEN S7

yes, Im a ford fanboy

Jaime Alamos says:

faster !!!!!!!!!

Devil Z says:

My favorites:
Low dollar: 300zx twin turbo
Mid grade: corvette z06
High grade: saleen s7

Tuzz Nation says:

nice saleen nd will it scratch its bottom everytime you drive it into ur driveway?

OpieSVT says:

@csitruck123 What? You turn into an African tribal leader? Naming a volcanoe in Finland? 😉

Roger Gonzalez says:

over a million views, i'm glad people notice the most amazing car ever imo & the song 23 by jimmy eat world, not a better car video could be made again imo, if only it was extended and u could hear the whole song =D

Nizm0350z says:

thx for ruining the video with music

Erling Andreassen says:

That was a beautiful sound, yes.: )

csitruck123 says:

i get so horny from just hearing this car but when I see it sdabfweajkfhawehio oops just wiping off my never mind 🙂

Blue-eyed Fox says:

I would take this over a Veyron any day of the week.

Harry Balsark says:

@coryash42 or like you xD it wud be really hard

coryash42 says:

@ZOCKER1001 if i had a car like this, people would be hard pressed to see me at all… haha =)

Adam Taylor says:

Verry Nicce Howw Muhchh?

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