Saleen S7 TT Arriving in Laguna Beach

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Saleen S7 TT Arriving in Laguna Beach


Nick Marshall says:

ok for anyone who thinks they know that one or the other is better (asia vs america) youre stupid. BOTH PLACES HAVE MADE CRAP CARS. AND BOTH PLACES HAVE MADE NICE CARS.

toranamunter says:

Forget the product, its about making money. The simple fact is America has totally lost all competitive edge in the BUSINESS of manufacturing cars. It's just not what America does best anymore, and is ultimately doomed to failure just like US ship building was. So all the 'stimulus' B.S is just a waste of time and taxpayers money. Auto workers will have massive layoffs within 15 years regardless. America needs to accept its slide to the #2 superpower and adjust its business model accordingly.

toranamunter says:

basically what I am saying is building heavy gas guzzling cars in a country with expensive unionised labour is not a good business to be in over the next two decades. America needs to focus its efforts on things it has superior technology and abilities in. The economic domination of the US is rapidly waning. How this is managed will determine what quality of life Americans are left with in the 2020s. Propping up loser companies with giant labour forces is not, IMHO, the best strategy

toranamunter says:

if they provided that well they wouldn't be bankrupt and propped up on bailouts. My opinions have nothing to do with the cars themselves. Simply put, the auto industry in America is doomed to economic failure and should be abandoned at federal level to allow the free market to take its course. America needs to focus on its technology to build an economy that will allow it to compete as the worlds second superpower, behind China, which will overtake the US in every way within 15 years.

toranamunter says:

How you could view building cars in America as any different to the last days of building steamships I don't know. If you remove the trade tariffs and union protectionism, the product is unable to compete in the free market on its own two feet, and therefore destined for extinction. I'm not judging the cars or the country, I'm simply pointing out what to me is totally obvious – America is wasting its time trying to build cars, there are so many better things to build its future on (like biotech)


Epic parking fail.

Z bot says:

i hate that huge spoiler too… the best looking s7's are the ones that have the chrome saleen wheels with the regular low spoiler

XJ12lover says:

also you'd hate to back it into something.

toranamunter says:

Yeah, like there won't be any jobs lost when the american auto industry collapses?

checkurfacts says:

Did anyone else feel the thunder in that three point turn to back the car into a pull through spot? Was that Derek Bell at the wheel?

CaptainDooDooButter says:

Does your daddy know he raised a flamer with a 6 cyl jeep?

Hammer Johnston says:

Noob. I notice all your American cars go round corners oh so well.

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