Saleen S7 TT AWD dyno test 2280 awhp

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dyno run awd mod, VP Import 21psi of boost 2280 awhp (2600+ HP)

road test is coming..


giga alpha chad says:

Is this Yours

Nook Lemniscate says:

1:091:18 Best 9 Seconds Of My Life!!

Nick Chatzikirou says:

Is that all you got saleen? Lol 😀

Fr3EK!LL - Gameplaye & Komputery says:

You must be life tierd to drive this thing…

Gregg Oliver says:

i think i just wet my pants

Cam says:

I thought it was a no-no to have slicks on a car that's doing a dyne run?

1dirty7 says:

@ 1:14 the building lifted an inch of the ground!

pyro74boy says:

Supra KILLER for sure

FastFreddy488 says:

this is what the future for runway racing looks like….

dragonfirechimeravids says:

Favorite car ,more than 4 times horsepower and awd

lovedimo says:

If this car ran me over and killed me I think I would die a happy man LOL

CJ Brown says:

This car is gonna be a MONSTER

Scuderia34 says:



ok i have nothin to say

Qnickel27 says:

scary beautiful! like a lion attacking a gazelle!

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