saleen s7 twin turbo exotentreff sound

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Zachary Mortimer says:

i could beat that in a drag with my roush any day

oldtruck07 says:

@namybot nice play on words there. i would probally get a prelude and do it up. i just dont like the supra body.

oldtruck07 says:

@namybot yeah, but put a stock supra against this stock saleen s7. goodbye supra

twalker294 says:

I remember reading an article about the S7 turbo shortly after it came out and it said that it sounded like a WWII vintage P51 Mustang when it idled. From the sound of this video, that pretty much hits it on the head. Just amazing. This truly is a racecar with a license plate.

Ryan Gittiemeier says:

game over supras

shomoser12 says:

i am sorry i love american cars i love the viper but this sounds like S@#$

Mario V says:

Oh my god, this a soundsymphony !

fredferrari18 says:

fantastic sound

blindinglight619 says:

Careful she sounds Angry!

gstreetfee says:

haha that doesnt even sound like a car it sounds like a complete monster! awesome car

67ShelbyMustang500 says:

problem here is is that we got rich fuckers who wreck these kind of cars cuz they dont know how to drive

KirkTheGod says:

this car is so underrated!

H1shman says:

srry cnta type got jizz on my hangs fwom wathvh thsi

boostfreak777 says:

Oooh giggity goo!

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