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Showdown – Nissan Juke-R vs. Porsche 911 GT2 RS – CAR and DRIVER

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We pit the GT-R-powered Nissan Juke-R against a Porsche 911 GT2 RS in a turbo six-cylinder face-off on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Abroad.

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LBM Turbo says:

juke r better engine sound power a look ..this porsche =vw bettle big money a ugly

Antoine Williams says:

I think what he meant to say was $59,000. Who would spend that much on this?

TheAngel81191 says:

Mine is a juke and unless you drive it don't talk smack! It's an awesome car <3!

Eugene Livingston says:

shifting gears with the left hand. ………ugh!

Kladenstein EXE says:

the porsche be like "wtf are? i rather to race a gtr than pig car like you"

frios011 says:

Backward ass english cars!!

Blake Vandamage says:

there's no way that juke is 590,000 he's gotta be bull shiting my nismo juke was only 15k

N/A soundsSoGood says:

Come on dude why u try to compare Nissan to Porsche can't u really see the difference monster gt2 rs put ugly looking nissan to its grave even gtr can't shake gt2 rs off and comparing Nisan to Porsche is like u comparing burned Piece of coal(nissan) to Diamond(Porsche)

死亡皇帝 says:

$590k ? ill save that for Lexus LFA ! or a Lambo .

Adegboyega Oduyemi says:

The quality of your show matches that of Top Gear. Subscribed! Loved those slow motion burnout shots!

DomX2008 says:

The GTR can drive itself, it's incredibly easy to drive.

Alan Seaman says:

All I keep hearing is "Jew car". LOL

Davil says:

Very well done. Great driving and talking through the turns!

javamanpr says:

Got a juke and I love it!!!!

Mewzyc says:

can we get a cube-R lol

Bob Boberson says:

About 6 minutes of slo-mo. Zzzzzzzz… Nissan has turned into the new AMC. Third grade designers. Engines are good though.

GLK TEAM says:

that juke r have plastic everywhere

GLK TEAM says:

600k for a nissan wtf?

Keystroker says:

This comparison is like house brick vs a swiss watch, the Nissan Joke has 480hp and weighs the same as a small town and the Porsche is 1400kg with 611hp… mmmmm I wonder which will win??

Keystroker says:

$590,000 for a car thats slower than a stock GT-R more ugly than quasimodo's ball sack. Thats Porsche Carrera GT money!

Bendik Trøan Wiig says:

But hello. Come on! That a Porsche 911 beats a Nissan Juke-R isn't weird. The 911 would beat the Nissan GT-R too. The Porsche 911 is faster than both the NIssan Juke-R and the NIssan GT-R. I'll deal with it.

TheHDReleaser says:

600 000 Dollar and it has "Halogen lamps with reflector"..


DogdeCoronet 500 says:

I love this car. It's priced is for the crazy if you can call them people – with to much money and no brains. $600.000 .Only a Oil head would buy one.Dubai dumb dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the money to stop. It will be one big sand lot again with some tents.This will be what they leave for there kids -kids WTF

Ytse Frobozz says:

That looked like an exceptional launch for the GT2.

Brian Heiden says:

What a stupid comparison why wouldnt you do a gtr vs the gt2 rs? 590K are they fuckin nuts? Maybe they actually dont want people to buy them lol. You could buy 5 GTR's and a Juke and sacrafice 1 and do the swap yourself, and still have 4 GTR's left over lol.

Nordmore68 says:

Seems like the Datsun has too much torque going to the rear?
Waist of 4WD?
But the car here is the GT2RS!  🙂

Kadek S says:

maybe someone can tell me what is the difference juke-R and Revolt ??

Michael Cosyn Group says:

Juke-R is awesome!! But my god… a 911 GT2 RS is what everyone dreams for.. I think I'll dream of buying one tonight…

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