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SNOW DRIFTS in the Lamborghini Aventador S!

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There’s not much that is more fun than taking a 740hp supercar and racing it around a snow track, just like with the new Aventador S at Lamborghini’s Winter Accademia run by Squadra Corse.

With a number of exercises in both the Huracan LP610-4 and then the Aventador S LP740-4, it’s a lot of fun with both V10s and V12s roaring away around the track.

Huge thanks to Lamborghini for inviting me to the opportunity and to the instructors for helping make such a wonderful day.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Shmee150 says:

There's not much that is more fun than taking a 740hp supercar and racing it around a snow track, just like with the new Aventador S at Lamborghini's Winter Accademia run by Squadra Corse.

Apriansyah Wahyudi says:

Pertamina Bro!!! Mantap!!

FueL CoMpLeXiTy says:

use both hands shmee150

Medal Mold says:

Never any black people

Aiman Ali says:

car is awesome, the video is??

Tuc Lance says:

this is the dream…….now make it into reality.

Vollgasmus 7 says:

That looks like so much fun, just wonderful :)))

Gangster Hamster says:

3:41 FH2 cover

Car Obsession says:

Great video! That simply looks like so much fun!

arshi khan says:

lamborghini aventador s is crazy drift

James Mogan says:

Tim's not too bad at drifting, from his other video's as well!!

Mad9977 Productions says:

wow the red Aventador S is awesome =) cool video Shmee awesome fun =)

josh Scott says:

putting the cream around your mouth ayy shmee? haha

Frank Ding says:

It's awesome to see how Shmee is actually a very good driver!!

anis miraoui says:

nice little drift session

emac john says:

Isn't Aventador little ugly, because of it's lengthy body?

Benoit St-Pierre says:

Use both hands! You have a lot more control and a lot more constant input when doing so. Your figure 8s were wide because your left hand was on your leg!

リバティーウォーク says:

5.6 littter v10, 9.8 v10? this is really a car guy

Oliver Moore says:

People are like "There's no point in this car if the Huracan is faster", here's my response to them: If you buy cars for performance and only that, get a GT-R and tune the shit out of it. Have a good day!

Tiemst Cars says:

Are you gonna buy an Aventador S?

Leo SV says:

Driving on ice is the same as drift

Random. says:

Can you please remove the "vignette filter" which you use I think?! It looks weird..

Jim Cole says:

Nice vid Tim and looks like it was a great time as well. Looking forward to more content like this.

Kronos says:

Shmee can drift!?

AlbyBatty TECHannel says:

Top video shmee!!

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