Some Beautiful Aston Martin's in ZÜRICH! Vanqiush ZAGATO, DBS Superleggera, GT12 Roadster..

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Salvador says:

El salario medio en Suiza🇨🇭 es de 4.500€ al mes.
Mientras que el salario medio en la todopoderosa madre Rusia🇷🇺 es de apenas 500€ al mes.
Ahora dime, ¿ qué modelo prefieres para tu país, el capitalismo liberal o el socialismo de estado?.
Y curiosamente, Suiza es el único país con democracia real del mundo, el único del planeta.
Y aquí en España🇪🇸, todo apunta a que va a gobernar otra vez el socialismo; ese socialismo que dejó al país en la ruina con un 100% de deuda sobre el PIB.🤦🏻
Un modelo, el socialismo ; que hizo en un país como Alemania🇩🇪 que se construyera un muro, para que la gente del lado socialista dejara de salir del país y aquello se quedara vacío como un solar🤷🏻

Bader Albahrani says:

Maserati in anywy will win compare with Aston Martin

Due to
– Precision manufacturing in quality seats and materials with its comfortable colors.
– the width of the wheels.
– the harmony of the engine speed.
– the weight of the axle.

Just Require more to focus in Middle East / especially Saudi Arabia Market by pushing the dealers to let the spare parts available within good price and to encourage the young people.

The Anime Libarian says:

That damn dbs is damn pretty i honestly think the zagatos are ugly

MS says:

Very pretty but its not reliable.

юрий видов says:

Похоже не очень тачка, раз у нас в омске нет ни одной)))

Vareos Potshoterzz says:

the DBS is so gorgeous

veloxagon says:

These cars are the only exotic tuners

khairul ammar says:

my ears have been bless

Symon Says TV says:

Unfortunately, a lot of fashion victims of disgusting black wheels. So much money and so little taste. Now if you excuse me, I ‘m gonna go throwout! 🤮

Peter Chiung says:

Aston: not the fastest, not the most expensive, borrow AMG engine sometimes, not the most exotic looking….nothing stands out

SirCrocodile162 says:

So many gay couples in Aston Martin's. Thumbs up. Very progressive.

Herb says:

What is the one at 3:30? that is my favorite out of all of them

Hon Guen Loh says:

FYI I am speaking on behalf of all the car enthusiasts and petrol heads around the world..just because you don’t like Aston martins or expensive sports cars doesn’t mean those who do are materialistic or destroying the earth..duh! A lot of people worked hard and gain success plus financial means to purchase the car of their were being so condescending and holier than thou with your you see Ironman or James Bond going around driving a Toyota Prius??? No, coz they are hero and super hero so they drive Aston Matins and Audi R8…it’s fine if you want to go green save the earth etc but don’t stop the rest of the world from enjoying the fruits of their labour or degrade them ok? That’s my point mate..peace out!✌️✌️✌️

Mauro Carboni says:

"Vanqiush"????? Ahahahaha

jallalabadreturns says:

Nothing sounds better than an Aston V12

Lars Nef says:

Cool hanis erste mol in London gseh ! Bi YANNIMIZE Woner Foliert worda isch !!! Geils Car Aber SICHER NID IN Wiis oder Schwarz z'Heikel 😉🤔😉

Latif Mufti Muchammad says:

Oh i love those superleggeras

Latif Mufti Muchammad says:

0:39 what kind of aston martin is that? Please answer

- says:

Aston Martin will be probably the last brand who will make real cars for enthusiasts.

Georgios The Greek says:

People just spend money for nothing.

Red Star Gems Co Ltd says:

Wow! Definitely my dream car

Supercar Spotter Lu says:

Zagato nice! can you speak German?

Mouhamed Baldé says:

Nice video bro ❤❤❤👏

Dabo King says:

Vanquisch Zagato one of the most beautiful cars ever.

Stolzer Bayern Fan says:

Bad Sound😈💪😈 nice Viedeo❤❤❤❤❤❤ ##Bester Youtuber ❤❤❤💎💎💎❤❤❤

kimi88cz says:

They make beautiful cars! Especially zagato models..but shame about the awful interiors🙈 they need to work on that

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