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Speccing A Ferrari Portofino [+ Racing Michael Fassbender]

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I race Michael Fassbender in a go kart race as well as speccing a new Ferrari Portofino at Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali – Subscribe to STG: http://bitly.com/SubToSTG


Filming & Editing by Sam.

What I Use To Make My Videos:

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Microphone – http://amzn.to/2gUJFhc
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Editing Software – http://amzn.to/2gUJylo


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Channel Art & Intro Photography by Adam Shah [https://www.instagram.com/adam_shah_] & Chris Williams [https://www.instagram.com/munch997]

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Dimitrios Panagopoulos says:

What a life mate. Keep it up!

DGLS_Official says:

The way you built the Portafino is the most generic Ferrari there is. Literally every Ferrari is specced that exact same way.

Have some style, some flavor, some flair

Dave Ledingham says:

Loving the increased access to exclusive experiences you are getting on your channel Sam.

Ronald Stonecipher says:

That portofino is sexy!

Law19157 says:

The seats don't look all that comfortable, looks hard

Luca22751 Luca22751 says:

Why did ur spec look like a Toyota or a Mazda

celilexus says:

You guys have the best life a Ferrari Fan can have

Sharon Dickinson says:

Fabulous FERRARI Sculpture at 10:32! Exceptional Pic – Nice job!

Hydar Ail says:

I will love to go in one of that laferrari fxx they look so fast

TheFede8888 says:

This is why the Ferrari is always a number one…

School of Tony Humphries says:

Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love / Mary J. Blige – I'm The Only Woman

Nick Parker says:

10:56 what song?

Dmitriy Oleynik says:

So this girl got track layout scheme as a tattoo on her wrist, that is some next level racing passion!

The Real MVP says:

They need to add Mugello to the F1 calender.

Kaptura. IMG says:

12:40 that guy fell in love

Laurent T says:

Great video dude! 🙂

Frederik Leon Anlauf says:

The lusso just sounds so dull against the n/a V8 in your 360.

Kevin Ho says:

my dream day really

Missabassie557 says:

Sam and James are killing it right now!! Tim continues strong, Paul and Seb seem to have fallen off the wagon…..

Darren Boman says:

Best VLOG yet!! That race car Montage was something else!!

Luís Gonçalves says:

If you strive so hard to do remarkable work, it is only natural that you indulge yourself. If you like PortoFino, buy it. Do not wait for tomorrow. The present is today.

Brendan Lever says:

I'm so impressed by how brands react to Youtubers by lending them cars and offering them such nice experiences! well done sam

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