Speedtail: Achieving the Maximum

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The Speedtail’s intensive development programme didn’t just create a 250mph road car – it paves the way for future McLarens


Delta Beta says:

My favorite car is the Mercedes Project One


Next you know….. koenigsegg regera fly’s
Ahead of that thing lol

Biprarshi Chakraborty says:

If this were a beauty pageant, they just won!

VaporheadATC says:

That was filmed at Kennedy Space Center? I saw a glimpse of the assembly building in the distance?

muhammad naufal says:

and where is video 0-400-0?


Bugatti and koenigsegg broke that record on 2012🤣lol

Smarak Palai says:

This should be called Long Tail not speed tail

Spinister says:

Hyper-Gt Car!

dian takdir says:

We don't use electric nor engines

Mclaren: We use aero dynamics

Orass Latif says:

Ugly and proofs nothing. A Short fall from F1

Dave Halden says:

Hitting 250mph? What a joke
*laughing in chiron

Bimsara Madurapperuma says:

it actually sounded like a fighter jet as it passed by

Lord Shakur SkillzZ says:

yet people say we are not in the future

Matheus Carvalho says:

It is such a beautiful car, an instant classic.

Ruwayfi says:

McLaren:"This is the fastest car we have ever done"
Cameraman: *laughs

Paul Thomson says:

Its the oldsmobile aerotech concept car 👍

Kilroy was Here says:

It’s so sad to know that most of these will probably get driven once and than left in a warehouse to be ogled at.

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