SSC 0-200 mph (Gear Ratio Testing)

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SSC continues to characterize a few last sub-assemblies from the Ultimate Aero for transfer into the final Tuatara performance package. The team is specifying new gear ratio packs for the Tuatara transmission and 0-200 MPH runs were the logical test for this critical information.


Testing showed that 2nd gear starts achieved by far the best test results as SSC averaged 6 individual 0-200 MPH test runs, each unofficially clocked under 16 seconds. SSC was surprised at how quickly the Ultimate Aero reached 200 MPH, but more importantly the team has now determined what they feel is the perfect gear ratios for the new 7-speed Tuatara transmission.

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hemi zilla says:

There should be more vids like this but no music while they punch it. And there should be more sound comming from motor. But nice job!

Andres Umbria says:

the record guiness of hennessey venom gt of 0-300 Km / h in 13,63 seconds possible that the SSC tuatara comes close or that breaks that record

hemi zilla says:

Love the sound the waste gates make.

Adison Kelly Sdunek says:

I haven't got a clue, the price tag may be a 7 figure number.

jhowe67 says:

it's been a few years now, what's the status of the tuatara.


the venom beat it only in 0-200mph. The SSC Aero 2007 did beat its 0-300kmh record in 12.8s, and was quicker by a whole second 0-100kmh, 0-160kmh,and 1/4 mile.

torogami2 says:

The venom did beat this UA/Tuatara mash-up, but the Tuatara will be slightly lighter, have a lower C/D and they would most likely roll up the window if they did an official run.

Vahagn Barseghyan says:

1:13 close the window and it will go faster


Alpha 12 did it in 12.7, let alone the Omega…


it didnt beat the SSC. SSC did it in 12.8.


So, the Venom GT ran 0-300 in 13.6 seconds? That beats both Veyron SS and Agera R.


the venom gt recently broke the 0-300kmh record by 13.6s, 0-200mph of 15.66s. Im sure the ssc here easily beats that record.

FarshidFDM says:

Still Bugatti Veyron SS is a faster car!

Zentoven99 says:

im an muscle car perosn, old classics are my thing 🙂

asshatnowhere159 says:

Nice! some kid in my highschool a few years back bought a red charger and with his dad fixed it up. by senior year he would drive it daily. he sold it though :/ guessing for quite a lot, from what i know chargers never came in red

Zentoven99 says:

hmmmmmmmm maybe the 1979 dodge charger or 96' impala SS 😀

asshatnowhere159 says:

oof, it would be hard to say. If i could pick any car in the world and have to keep it and maintain it, ect. (lets say i had a fair bit of money). Maybe an SLS? fast, comfortable and an intoxicating v8 noise. I'm a big fan of corvettes as well but not as easy to live with. maybe a 458? hard question you ask 😛 what about you?

Zentoven99 says:

what car would you prefer?

asshatnowhere159 says:

yeah I see what you mean, I like noisy and aggressive cars too. Im just saying, it takes some real engineering to make a car that goes as fast as that, be comfortable, reliable, and so serene. either, even if i could, i would never get a veyron, nor an SSC for that matter. just not my type of car/s

Zentoven99 says:

quite cars bug me to be honest, i prefer a car that i can shake a house by just reving the engine once, so it all depends on the person. if you want a darth vader front shaped car, the bugatti is for you, if your a hardcore person and just love hearing that engine roar then the ssc if for you

asshatnowhere159 says:

I was never a fan of the bugatti, also I cant deny that the SSC is amazingly fast. however besides top speed, the bugatti and SSC are completely different. it would be very hard to compare the two. hell, the Bugatti is quiet and comfortable and can be used daily, the SSC is a cruise missile that is raw and rugged. its like comparing an ariel atom to a GTR, sure the atom may be mariganly faster, but thats all it was made to do, the GTR is a full car besides just being fast. just the way I see it

Zentoven99 says:

not really my friend, i dont like the bugatti either and even then its just another car, but SSC isnt doing this for top speed, theyre doing this to shut people up, they judge cars based on country and what other country to put down than good'ol' america, but remembering correctly we managed to hold the title quite a few times and yet no respect? well its time to prove haters wrong

Tyler Carson says:

look at the tuatara in red it makes it look way cooler than any car in the whole freaking world!!!!!!!!!

asshatnowhere159 says:

two different types of cars. while the SSC set out to beat the top speed of the bugatti, it never set out to be a bugatti if that makes any sense. the SSC is just a rocket, the bugatti is more than that. there is a reason that every person that drives that car comes out and says that nothing they have ever driven is better. and this is coming from someone who does not like the bugatti.

kyokushinkuma says:

I want a real comparison between this, The Veyron SS and the Agera R.

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