SSC sets World's Fastest Production Car Guiness Record

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On September 13th, 2007, a small supercar manufacturer in Washington State known as Shelby SuperCars (or SSC) shattered the Guinness Record for Top Speed from a Production Car. Check out this video to see clips of this record-setting event.

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Mechavenger says:


no says:

Looks like an obese Lamborghini diablo

Enzo Sperandio says:

Can’t find footage of the record. It sounds fishy to me

Caleb Caron says:

Shit I mean I hope this was at least real

Limaba Jamir says:

Was this fake too??

Andrew Ilchenko says:

Now we have a successor

RockyRavage says:

And they did it again 9 years later

markus oliver braun says:

Aus einen Land wo man eh kein Gas geben kann…alles schon sehr lächerlich.. aber wirklich geil zu sehen wie er abzischt. Nur so sinnlos

Shannon Stiles says:


G says:

There taking way to long

Kyle Bethel says:

I believe they stopped it there due to either road or weather conditions. The car had more in it.

Szabolcs Jászkai says:

Music title?

Your Daddy says:

the dagger gt reached 310mph, with 2000-2700 horse power

Your Daddy says:

how fast did this car go in mph?

Solitarium says:

SSC Tuatara ? is car only for video games because in real life scare koenigsegg bugatti etc…Really Tuatara project delay without reason 2012-2017 and nothing .. So ridiculous

Mario Rafael says:

Was that in highway 221? Cause i live near there

sl0ptart says:

The Tuatara was my favorite car… Then I learned about the 5,000 plus hp Devel Sixteen. Never seen anything even close to that thing, seriously it's a mutant. A beautiful sexy mutant.

Joshua Wakeley says:

When's the Tuatara going to begin production?

dJ C453y says:

I heard you've been building the tuatara. when is dat coming out?

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